Poetry is one such amazing part which most of us love listening to or just love the way the words are expressed with emotions and feelings. It is said that a story can be delivered through poems and that everyone can weave words in their own favorite way and with their own essence.

From the first word they utter from their mouth as a child to becoming a good speaker, everyone is a poet, because one who has feelings can express in any manner whatsoever be the reason. He/she can weave each and every word like melancholy of tone. Some express it through words and some through music but deep down knowingly or unknowingly has a very deep and intense meaning to it. And a person who can express their feelings and emotions freely is the true poet and he has no fear of rejection in life.

So if someone if wanna try out your inner poet, just think of something or someone that has a strong attachment with you or has a important role in your life, just write it down and express out your feelings, don't worry about the pattern, just pour out the emotions from your heart and atlast you will see it has created a story that revolves around you, and you will feel much better knowing the way that it has attached so beautifully with your life.

Poetry can give you a different way to look into life, I personally didn't use to write poems, but once I thought about it and started writing and now it has become a part of my life. So, now I have a different perception towards life and poetry has given a new turn in my life. Whatsoever I'm not going to leave such an profounding art that god has gifted me.

And I believe that everyone has a poet in him/herself, so explore this poet and live the life to the fullest.