Disturbing Things You Will Find In Dark Web

Shahanab Uddin
Jul 14, 2019   •  84 views

We all have heard about dark web/invisible web/hidden web. It is a part of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard web searches. Primarily it is accessible through Tor network, the deep web basically is the underground market of 21st century. It is also the palce for many disturbing and terrifying things that can affect a lot. It is untraceable and widely used part of the internet to access disturbing things and illegal goods and services. Besides selling drugs some use dark web to trade weapons. There are more such disturbing things in the dark web which are more alarming than this. Some of the disturbing things that are being done in the deep web are

Violent Desires

This is the common forum since 2016 where brutal desires and fantasies are being fulfilled. Person's fantasy desires are being shown here

Red Rooms

Red rooms are the most famous out of the all. It's a room where people are brutally harmed in highly disturbing ways and it's shown live. Some pay for such brutal things to be done and you can also become the "director" and instruct to the person doing it to what to do with the victim.

Fake Passports

Making fake passports and documentation seem fairly not as harmful compared to things like animal cruelty and harmful videos. Fake passports and this documentation are being used by the terrorist organisation to enter into other countries with tightened border securities. But it becomes a very alarming situation, when comes to terrorist attacks and making illegal passports and documents we have to be more careful about it.


There are numerous organisations and sites that offer contract hitman services. As said by many people and it is true or not I'm not sure, they say that it is an sting operation of FBI. It is also not sure that is it a legit service and do they provide genuine service. And all the service payments are being done through bit coin.

Pink Meth

It is a website that was hosted in the dark web and it was seized by FBI in 2014. This site was only for men where they sell nude photos and videos of their partner for an handsome amount. Pink Meth then posted these photos, address, phone number and other information. A ransom on the content was delivered to the victim, they are paid to remove the photos or letting the whole dark web to gain access to your personal information and all your datas and phots and this harmed many people.



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