As the technology is increasing man has become dependent on internet for all his needs and to make his life easier and for the access of various services. With growing technology the crimes are also growing at a fast rate. Criminals find out every other way to exploit and loot the innocent people to threaten them and take out money from them. These crimes may be related to phishing and other frauds related to credit card, bank robbery, distribution of viruses, spreading fake and exploiting news etc. In India fraud and phising is very common, they target the innocent people and then by spreading false message, the people easily become the target and huge amount of money is recovered from them. The sectors these crimes have been most are the government sectors, education, manufacturing, hospitality. Every device that is connected to internet is more or less the target for the attackers and your personal datas are at huge risk.

With every security that the government takes for the protection of cyber crimes, the criminals are way more ahead and find out new ways to attack the people and the companies. Many cases have also been solved regarding cyber crimes and also many have been left unnoticed and unreported due to lack of information and awareness among the victims. The capacity of human mind is amazing and cyber crime cannot be totally eliminated as each time we eliminate them a new way will be there to take up. But measures and precautions can be taken to check them and be aware of the crimes that are happening through internet and stay away from fraud and misleading news.

The cyber crimes are registered under three main heads The IT Act, The Indian Penal Code (IPC) and State Level Legislations (SLL). Tampering of computer documents, hacking, publishing obscene information, Un-authorised access to protected systems, breach of confidential and privacy, publishing false digital signature certificates falls under the IT Act.

Sending threatening messages through e-mail, sending defamatory messages through e-mail, forgery of electronic records, bogus websites, cyber frauds, e-mail spoofing, web-jacking, E-mail abuse falls under IPC and special laws. Also Online sale of Arms Act, Online sale of Drugs under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

Government has takencmany initiatives by building techniques like cyber police stations, technical infrastructure and training has been given to officials for the safety and security, registration and investigation of cyber crimes. Training is also provided to cyber crime police officers by Forsenic Lab that has been set at Central Bureau of Investigation. Along with the government it is also our duty to stay safe and be aware of the crimes happening and take proper precautions to not be a victim of the cyber crimes and also proper campaign should start for such crimes.