Wales is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Other countries are Great Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Located on the island of Great Britain and sharing the border to its east, the Irish Sea to its north and west, and the Bristol Channel to its south, Wales is incredibly full with charms. Even though it's not an independent nation but it is full of surprises. Besides its long and quite thought-provoking history, this country is always admired for its natural beauty and magnificent landscapes. The climate and chill ambience of the country are quite beyond the praise.

Wales is well known for its rolling hills and mountains that are really breathtaking, awestruck castles, gleaming coastlines, craggy cliffs and many more spectacular and exquisite sceneries. Cardiff, being the Welsh capital, is undoubtedly a charming city. It is the largest city of Wales and also an economic centre of Wales. Cardiff Castle (built on the remains of Roman ruins that boasts of colourful interiors and has lush green atmosphere), Cardiff Bay (here you can go for the marina, shopping and palatable cuisines), Caerphilly Castle, Wales Millennium Centre (here you'd have lots of entertainment like stage performances, theatres, music shows and operas), National Museum Cardiff (here you will find dinosaur bones and preserved and outstanding art of Wales) and many more other places are worth to see here.

The Fairbourne Railway ride is just splendid and offers a stunning view of the country. This traditional railway goes from Fairbourne on the Mid-Wales coast that passes through the beach at Barmouth Ferry railway. St. David's Cathedral at Pembrokeshire (a county located at the southwest of Wales) is a picture-perfect place. Conwy Castle, that is located in a very gorgeous city named Snowdonia, was a pristine fortress that looks fabulous. Mawddach Estuary offers you to explore the country more minutely while walking around the glittering sands of the estuary and that would be the best experience of your life. It gives panoramic views of the sea and surrounding mountains that are bountiful in lush green vegetations.

Cardiff Arcades, a shopping hub at the centre of the capital city is famous for its fancy and even vintage dresses. Besides these, you can also visit many more places like Cadair Idris, Barry Island, Anglesey sea zoo, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Tenby, an old fashioned city where you can do lots of adventurous activities, Barmouth, located at the seaside, it offers lots of water activities to do like boating and fishing and even mountain hiking that's of great fun. At last, this country has lots to offer you unforgettable memories.