Long long ago,when there was a time without mobiles, computers, laptops and any electronic gadgets,life was very peaceful to people of that time.Nature used to be their best friend.Farming was the main occupation and played a important role in source of income.

The life expectancy was 85 years in 1900's.In 2016,it became 70 years.In olden days, infant births were many,but now there were many medical innovation in existing world.If so,what is the reason of decline in life expectancy?

Hospitals were very less in number in those days.But now, hospitals were more than educational institutions in number. Entertainment of people in olden days was only black and white movies, now there were n number of sources.The traveling was too hard through road.Now,man can book a ticket in his hand itself.

There was no any supply of power.Now, in 10 houses ,3 houses has inverter.Girls used to undergo many difficulties to be educated,but present women are running many industries by one hand.

The examples are many ,but the question is still unanswered...Why is our life unhappy with mobiles and other digital technologies??

Technology addiction:

It is an impulse control disorder that involves obsessive use of mobile devices which is also called digital addiction or internet addiction.It affects 8.2% of general population.It may increase to 38% in future.


  • Compusive checking of text messages.

  • Frequently changing of status and uploading selfies.

  • A feeling of Euphoria (a feeling of intense excitement and happiness) while on web.

  • Social withdrawal

  • Lack of interest in activities that doesn't include a gadget.

  • Feeling of restlessness when unable to go to online.


  • Heavy gamers and internet users experience abnormal changes in brain matters

  • Heavy internet users suffer with withdrawal symptoms.

  • Leads to anxiety and depression

  • It makes you distracted

  • It saps your sleep.It suppress the production of melatonin, resulting in sleeplessness

  • Obesity.

  • Eye problems

  • Hearing damage

  • Musculoskeletal symptoms

  • Injuries and accidents.

Ways to reduce your effects:

  • Access your current stage

  • Get aware of self estimation

  • Turnoff notifications

  • Uninstall apps you are addicted to

  • Create phone-free areas

  • Schedule a time for using mobile.

Bill Gates,Steve Jobs, Chris Anderson didn't let their children to have cellphones until they were teenagers.

  • Americans now look at their smartphones an average 52 times a day.

  • College students spend nearly nine hours daily on phone

  • 72% of teens feel the need to respond immediately to texts.

  • Cellphones = prisoners of phones

  • Don't convert entertainment into addiction.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity-Albert Einstein