Story Behind Bifurcation Of Andhra Pradesh And Telangana

L. Seemaa Sumana Sree
Jun 13, 2019   •  1 view

Once upon a time ,Andhra was a part of its neighbouring state Tamil Nadu.But Telugu people wished there should be a state where it should be owned only by Telugu people.So, Pott Sri Ramulu, an Indian revolutionary fasted for 30 days and sacrificed his life for state Andhra. 1st October,1953 Andhra state was formed. In 1956,Hyderabad aka nizam which achieved freedom was merged with Andhra state in 1956 and formed Andhra Pradesh with 3 regions namely Rayalaseema, seemandhra,telangana which totally comprises of 23 districts.

Times changing,Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu became Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh which have the capital Hyderabad.

He made Hyderabad as technological hub.He developed whole city and made it a digital era. But the mistake he did is ,not concentrated on poor people. The people who were below priority line suffered a lot in this period.

As there is no proper education facilities and jobs in other regions of telangana,people started bursting out of anger.In 1969,karimnagar telangana struggle raised demanding they wanted a separate state with only 10 districts of telangana .So, that they wouldn't have a connection with Andhra and manage their own affairs.

In 2001,K.Chandrasekhar established a party named Telangana Rashtriya Samithi(TRS).

He participated elections with Chandra Babu and YSR once. But did not succeeded in both the trails .In 2004,Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy came into rule with great majority.

In 2009, again it was the time of YSR,but a bad luck A big tragedy took place in 2009,YSR died in a helicopter accident.After this incident, Andhra Pradesh has to face many difficulties of not having a good leader. At this time,KCR was into game.With his intelligence,he motivated telangana people and the struggle went on with great fire. This was when 2014 elections arrived. For the sake of winning and gaining more votes from telangana,congress government announced the Bifurcation of both the states. This is called Bifurcation but not partition.On the basis of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act,2014 ,it was separated. June2 is made telangana new formation day.Andhra's new CM as Chandra Babu Naidu and telangana 1st CM as KCR.

Telangana is developing day by day spreading it's wings. But Andhra with less resources and many challenges is trying to move bit by bit.

6 years passed on ,but there's still unanswered questions in this issue.

Is this issue sentimental or emotional or political??