Engineering: Is It A Degree Of Marks

L. Seemaa Sumana Sree
Jun 26, 2019   •  29 views

70% of students after passing their high school wanted to pursue an engineering degree.Not only boys,even girls are equal importance in this criteria.Year by year, many colleges are being established,many are shutting in the name of non-standard engineering colleges.

Every year 4lakh engineering students are coming out with a degree only in Tamil Nadu.Then what is situation in other states? India is one of country which produces many engineers in a year.

But the unemployment rate is 3.4% in 2011-2014 which has been increased to 3.6% in 2015 -2017. With many Entrance tests, admissions in standard colleges,paying donations and getting admission, colleges with good faculty and infrastructure, abundant knowledge in internet,why are engineers searching for a job in other fields.

I am a student pursuing my excellence in computer science and engineering.There are 1 million job vacancies in this platform.Why are dreams and hopes of students melting in this journey of 4years,8 semesters, assignment submission ,internals,and many more?

The answer for all above questions is studying for marks which is used to fill a sheet of paper...this does not make sense. The real capability of a engineering student lies in applying of knowledge with skills.

The major factors are:

  • AGE:

This is an age where teenage is going to be changed as adulthood.This is an age of distractions which only follow words of fellow mates but not their own heart.

  • Lack of awareness:

The bridge between the students knowledge and industry needs is not fulfilled.

  • Last minute completion:

People who are punctual become procastinators after coming to engineering. It's a million dollar question to all engineers what made them to be like this.

Marks are important but not required to prove your excellence

The world become blind without the light of engineering.A day with out engineers is impossible to imagine.

So my dear fellow engineers,

You are in a wonderful platform.You can change the world with Innovation.Prove yourself by utilising your knowledge and applying it ,which helps to meet the society and industry needs.

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world


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