Emotional abandonment is considered to be as the silent killer of relationships. It is like the smell of deserted coal mines, it is like the darkness in deep hole. Your partner may do all things you expect from your relationship right from gifting you on valentine's to put you on their insurance, you still feel abandoned. You aren't crazy, psychotic or needy in this case, you just feel emotionally abandoned. The person is speechless and doesn't have any words to describe his/her situation.

Often when the other person is not intimate with his own emotions, there is no chance that he will understand yours. The person will never work on their own flaws, darkness, for sure they won't accept yours as well. They are in a situation where they can’t feel their own feelings, so they won't comprehend your feelings either. In fact they are a scared or terrified by young turn they would abuse you as they are just physically present. The reason is their soul quitted their body.

The same goes for feelings of joy, and states of playfulness and happiness. Whenever you do things that give you joy like dancing, singing, playing, your partner wouldn't like that and simply get annoyed. The reason behind this is, that emotionally abandoned people are not comfortable with these states, they avoid being in such places. As they are unaware of this, they pretend like nothing is wrong.

People who emotionally abandoned don’t realize that they too are emotionally abandoning their partner by behaving in this way. As couples love each other unconditionally, they stay instead of breaking up. As the person is familiar and when he/she hurts there always a soft corner for them .It is true that we don't hurt people we don't know, we hurt people whom we love. It feels like a home, a home that burns you alive.

In such situations one should break up and move on, instead in being a relationship which is not required. One should understand that you are always a hero in your own eyes. The more you see yourself, you don't need to be someone who couldn’t see you. Remember, your gaze is enough.

If you find yourself feeling emotionally abandoned by your partner, I would encourage you to talk with someone here. If you leave your contact info, someone on our team will connect with you to listen and offer support.



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