When Mrs.Kapoor was driving her daughter to school, they witnessed a car crash which was shocking. As the accident was quite serious, so she got out of her car to see whether she could help. There were two cars involved in the accident, one of which started catching fire. She immediately checked if there was anyone left in the car and saw an unconscious 15-year-old boy. Without thinking of her own safety, she selflessly pulled the car door open and brought the boy out to safety.

The boy was bleeding terribly so Mrs.Kapoor took him to the hospital. He was immediately shifted to the operation theatre. When the surgeon operated the boy, complications started to arise. He was in need of blood transfusion as he had lost a lot of blood. However, he had blood type O, which wasn’t available in the hospital. The surgeon, therefore, asked Mrs.Kapoor to arrange the blood from the blood bank so that they can proceed with the operation. Mrs.Kapoor checked with a few blood banks, but O-type blood was not available. Then she remembered that her daughter was an O-type as well. As it was matter of life and death, it was incredibly important to give blood.

The surgeon requested Mrs.Kapoor to convince her daughter to give blood. Mrs.Kapoor was now a bit afraid and hesitated as she didn't want to risk her daughter's life, but by some time she agreed to .The young girl, seemingly afraid, sat a couple of moments in silence until she finally agreed. She got up and hugged her mother, wishing her goodbye. After the nurses had taken the blood from her, she whispered anxiously if they knew about the health conditions of the boy. But by the time nurses could answer her something she was unconscious.

Mrs.Kapoor was too worried for her only daughter as she was unconscious. But doctor calmed down Mrs.Kapoor by telling her that she will be fine in an hour. The boy was now well but he had lost all his memory and couldn't remember anything. To recover he needed time, so he was still in the hospital. After a few days they got to know that his parents passed away in the car accident and know there was no one to take care of him. Mrs.Kapoor and her daughter visited him several times in order to help him recover.

As time started to pass by, Mrs.Kapoor noticed that her daughter started to go to hospital on her own account. As it turned out, the two teens fell in love with each other and married each other when they had grown up.