Niharika is a make-up artist, who regularly conducts makeup artistry classes at the local government college for free as a part of social service. Usually, majority of her students are teenaged girls and middle-aged housewives who want to fine-tune their makeup skills. But this one time, she held a class that was attended by man as well.

The new student was a gentleman named Vihaan, who was a lawyer by profession. He wasn't handsome but he was cute, he didn't have biceps and muscles but was slim, his charm attracted the girls as well as women, in spite of knowing the fact that he was married. But no one ever expected, that a guy like him in his best years would ever join makeup artistry classes, with seemingly boundless interest. He was keenly learning how much ever he could and practiced until he was satisfied with the result of his work.

Vihaan understandably was the number one subject of conversation and gossips when other girls and women were alone. Speculation started spreading quickly. Is a he a transvestite? Why else would he attend such a class? It was a local government college and was placed conservative rural area due to which the other student's doubted on the Vihaan’s intentions because of their mentality of judging people in an orthodox way.

Throughout the sessions, Vihaan carefully listened and wrote everything down he learned. At times he demanded Niharika for extra classes and practice sessions. Most of the times these two were alone practicing. This again was a new subject for gossips, student's now started thinking that maybe there is something between Niharika and Vihaan and so Vihaan is keenly taking interest into the subject. The classes were now slowly coming to an end, the other students could simply not hide their curiosity and finally asked him why he was so interested in makeup artistry, and to everyone's surprise he gave the most heart-warming beautiful reply:

Vihaan said, “No one knows about this, my beloved wife who was an aspiring model, partially lost her eyesight because of diabetes. She’s no longer able to groom herself the way she used to before, she isn't able to apply her makeup. She knows and I do confess her every day that for me she’s absolutely beautiful, even more so without makeup. But the thing is this, as the part of her daily routine she simply feels uncomfortable leaving the house without make-up as she never went outside without wearing any makeup-up. Seeing the love of my life helpless and uncomfortable makes me really sad. So I decided to take this course to surprise her so that she now won't be uncomfortable going out and can flaunt the way she used to do before. I do not only want learn make-up for the sake of her happiness; I want her to wear the most beautiful make-up so her inner beauty also shines on the outside.”

This inspiring and heart touching reply of Vihaan made everyone present their emotional. He was not only awarded as the best student but also won hearts of people. He proved what true love means and how one should be an ideal partner.