Intimacy is a concept which is often being confused with sex. But one can be sexual without being intimate. Intimacy is all about warmth, closeness or trust. One night stands, friends with benefits, or sex without love are just physical acts with no intimacy involved.

Intimacy means feeling other person and deeply knowing another person. Intimacy, is like fine wine that takes time to deepen and mellow. It doesn't happen at early days of new and exciting relationships. Intimacy develops only when it is nurtured by both the partners. It requires gentling handling and patience. One should be willing to forgive the mistakes in the name of learning.

Why are people scared to be intimate? Because, intimacy is true closeness with another human being, can also be scary. To take the relationship to the intimate core both the partner's need to work through their fear. Intimacy will mature over time by visiting and revisiting these areas.

In a truly intimate relationship both of the partners will know each other on the deepest level who they truly are. They have found their soul mates and person to be appreciated, so won’t let the inevitable differences be major block in their relationship.

Relationship always comes with compromises and adjustments. Fundamental changes are not required to be made in the partner or themselves. But yes, some minor changes always occur when people accommodate each other to live together. But neither member of the couple should think to him or herself, to make changes as time passes.

One should appreciate differences and discover uniqueness as both understand that they don’t need to be entirely the same to be close. It is part of delight of relationships to learn about each other's perspectives as one has opportunity to increase communication.

Three of the most important components of an intimate relationship are trust, security and caring. When trust exists, partners feel secure to disclose intimate feelings. To experience true intimacy both people should feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Both support for each other’s weaknesses and celebrate for each other’s strengths. Both feel secure that the other will not violate understanding as the couple has agreed on a definition of fidelity .Caring also plays a major role to develop an intimate emotional bond. When people care about each other, they fulfill each other's needs.

Honesty is also a feature of intimacy and contributes towards it. When we are engaged it is necessary to have the right information about the partner in this world full of betrayal and falsehood. Try to provide important information in a way that is concise and respectful to your partner and you.

There should be compassionate problem-solving ability between the couples for a healthy relationship. Issues and problems are confronted by both the people with love, compassion and a willingness to engage regardless of whatever problems have come up. They are a team, trying to solve the problems, rather than on different teams competing with each other.

Intimacy grows when people stay emotionally connected, even when there are problems to solve. It doesn’t require that either person should constantly be together as they really think in order to stay connected.



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