I was the month of December, a month of Happiness and joy. Christine and James were going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on this Christmas. Christmas was always special for them as it was the day when they got married. As it was their 25th wedding anniversary they planned to throw a big party this Christmas. As planned things were all done including decorations, menu and their attires for the special evening.

Everything was going according to the plan, suddenly James felt a bit unconscious so without informing anyone he visited the doctor. James was shocked to know that he was diagnosed with melanoma and can live for six weeks. It was a shocking diagnosis but James decided to use the time he had left to make all the necessary arrangements for his beloved wife Christine.

He firstly cashed out his pension and used the money to pay off all the loan of the house they were living in. Secondly he made an insurance for all the family members so that they won't face difficulties in future. The third step was to arrange a trip to for his wife Christine to Paris as she wanted to visit Paris on their honeymoon, but had no money. When they visited a church in Paris, a priest was waiting for the couple. That day, Christine and James renewed their wedding vows and had the most beautiful day.

On the Christmas day both of them celebrated their anniversary with friends and family. But Christine was unaware that this was the last time she was going to celebrate her anniversary with James. The New Year was unfortunately the worst for the family. Christine was totally shattered after the death of her lovely husband James. After James had died, his wife Christine discovered that he hid hundreds of Sticky notes around the entire house, shortly before he died. Throughout the house she desperately searched for all the notes. The notes were very beautifully written and had very personal statements meant to encourage Christine in this difficult time.

James in his notes reminded his wife to fully enjoy life in all aspects and to move on with her life. He also asked her to marry someone so that her life may be worth loving. He in one of his notes asked her to see their love story as a chapter which is to be closed. James in one of his notes asked her to pursue her career and for finance asked her to sell his car. It was the most heartwarming farewell gift she could ever imagine.