Admission 2019: Cut-Offs Reaching As High As The Burj Khalifa!

Samridhi Kurar
Jul 15, 2019   •  51 views

Students all over India have just become relieved by giving their Class 12 Board Exams and other entrance exams. But now comes the most crucial phase for both the students and their parents : Admission in colleges. While over 31 lakh students appeared for CBSE Class 12 Board exams 2019, admission in best colleges is a dream come true only for a handful of them. With around 10 students scoring 99.4% (497 marks out of 500) or above, these Board exams appear to be a cake piece nowadays! Even a percentage as good as 95% is considered to be normal.

Since so many students are able to score such good marks, cut-offs are expected to rise by each year that one day we will see them closing at 100%! This is creating a lot of problems for even those students who worked very hard but somehow were able to score only around 90%. When it comes to think about taking admission in one of the most prestigious universities like Delhi University, it remains just a dream.

Shri Ram College of Commerce or which we call SRCC released its first cut-off list for B.A Economics Hons. as 98.75% for Unreserved category and around 94-95% for other categories. With similar cut-offs being released in the first round, students have to settle for any college or any course which they are getting admission into. Another problem which arises is that there are so many students to enrol with less seats available. Because of this reason, many colleges have closed their admission just after the release of first or second cut-off.

Parents of students who are not able to get admission anywhere are tensed and are looking for other alternatives leaving their jobs aside. Situation is such that a student who has scored 80% or so is considered as below average but people just do not realise what it takes to get such a percentage. If a student has got less percentage in one exam, it should not decide his/her capabilities or talent.

What should be the system is that these students should be given another chance to prove themselves through some separate interviews or exams. There is a provision of separate entrance exams for certain colleges but they also consider certain weightage of Board percentage which again rules out such students.What is more important is that every student should be entitled to get admission in a course of his/her choice and should not be judged only on the basis of just a few subjects and percentage.

As Leo Tolstoy said-

"Knowledge is real knowledge only when it is acquired by the efforts of your intellect, not by memory."



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Samridhi Kurar  •  2y  •  Reply
Totally agreed, that's why I thought of highlighting this issue. Thanks a lot for your feedback Arushi Bhasin ❤️👍
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Arushi Bhasin  •  2y  •  Reply
That's so true. And it gets so annoying when even after that much of hard work, it is so difficult to land up in a college of your choice. Great writing 👏👏
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Samridhi Kurar  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you Sanjit Kurar for your appreciation 👍 Keep supporting and Keep reading ❤️
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Samridhi Kurar  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you so much Saloni Bhatia for your honest feedback ❤️👍
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The competition is on its peak.. Well scoring 90% doesn't sounds good.. Then what can we expect from our education system.. It is a harsh reality.. Focusing on Aptitude should be the key.. But There is not at all a Criteria for that.. I Agree with You Samridhi.. This Needs to be changed Asap..
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This article is well written with thorough research on the topic, enabling the readers get utmost knowledge regarding the topic. It also highlights the point of a continues rise in the cut offs which colleges witness each year.... In my opinion I found this article worth reading.... Keep writing, keep growing 😊❤
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Thank you Gautam Budhiraja for amazing feedback and idea 👍... Keep supporting and Keep reading ❤️
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Gautam Budhiraja  •  2y  •  Reply
An aptitude test accompanied by 90-95 percent cut-off range(or may be b/w 80-85%) would open up opportunities for many more students. Further, both the college and the prospective candidate stand to gain. For the colleges, it makes sense to test if a student is genuinely interested in the course that they wish to pursue. This is essential because students choose an institute, not just for the courses that are on offer but also for how popular the college is. Taking a subject that one is not interested in building a career in only dampens the prospects of getting into a job of one's choice. Hence, an aptitude test would help resolve these issues.
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Samridhi Kurar  •  2y  •  Reply
Thank you so much Gaurav Yadav for your appreciation 👍 ❤️ Keep reading and keep supporting ❤️
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Tremendous piece of writing Samridhi💯👏... Working hard for exams, giving your 100% and still ending up not getting a good college is like a nightmare. You really can't judge a person's capabilities by his marks without knowing his intellect. Your idea of seperate exam and interview is quite convincing and it really needs to happen. Thanks for covering such a topic which needed everyone's attention. Keep up the good work ❤️✨
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Thank you Anusha Sarraf 👍... Keep supporting ❤️
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Anusha Sarraf  •  2y  •  Reply
Rightly written about the grim reality of our education system. Voices like yours need to be heard to spread more and more awareness about the subject. We need to keep up with changing times. Things that worked 50 years ago may not work today. 💯💯
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Thank you so much Upkar Singh Ohri for such a nice feedback ❤️👍... Keep reading and keep supporting ❤️
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Thank you Muskaan Gupta 👍.. Keep supporting and keep reading ❤️
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Well written on the much needed topic!!! ❤️❤️We general students suffer a hell lot because of the reservations and stuff. Even i scored 95% in boards and now i am struggling to find a seat in the north campus, forget the Hansraj or the Hindu! Everyone cannot be a genius! By god, i think of the students who scored 80%,they end up taking a private institute which is not fair. All the dreams cannot be shattered on the basis of just one exam and hence i was quite convinced by the idea of taking a separate entrance💡! Keep writing and keep growing👍
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Upkar Singh Ohri  •  2y  •  Reply
Thanks for writing on this topic❤️❤️ thank you sooo much❤️❤️ you know what i scored 95% and this has become very difficult for me to take admission in my dream college.... The most surprising thing is that I'm a student of general category from delhi and no one is giving any priority to delhi students and they are just ignoring the capable students scoring 95% and above and giving admissions to others..... Now a days Being a general category student is a sin becoming not a single advantage is giving to these students...... Thank you soo much for raising similar issues like this❤️❤️
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Bossy Man  •  2y  •  Reply
Wow....... This was just amazing..... This is the problem that each and every student like me is suffering from...... Scoring 94.5% id not enough..... I'm not getting a good college of my choice and got very disappointed..... I thank you for writing on this topic so that concered authorities get to know how students suffer.....