Your love for someone
Or your hatred
Your care towards someone
Or your jealousy
Your curiosity to know things
Or your disinterest
Your way of showing emotions
Or your way to be cold
It is All in the Eyes

Eyes speak
All the time
Their language is a bit
Difficult to understand
As when we say something
And don’t really mean it
Our Eyes always do this thing
Of telling the truth
Or when we don’t say anything
But we want to convey a lot
Our Eyes always do this thing
Of showing what we feel
Because it is
All in the Eyes

Those tears
Due to undeniable sadness
Or the tears
Due to unimaginable happiness
Eyes have a way of
Expressing things

Eye to eye conversation- A story

As per my normal routine
I took a bus
Heading towards railway station
With earphones on
I didn’t bother
What’s happening around

I reached station
Saw the queue for tickets
Waited there
This is just a normal day right now
Nothing so rare

Until I came to the platform
Where in the crowd
Of people
I saw you waiting there silently
While others were loud

The trains unfortunately
Were cancelled or were late
During the rush hours
People were cursing their fate

People were trying to change platforms
Without following the norms
I was just observing the cause
I couldn’t do anything because

You were still waiting
As if you were instructed
Not to move
No matter what

Out of nowhere
You looked at me
Of course, your sixth sense told you
Someone’s looking at you

We kept looking at each other
Our eyes trying to talk
We couldn’t have an actual conversation
As I couldn’t come to you
Nor you could
Because in that proximity
There was no place to walk

It was stupid
As both of us
Didn’t let go
Each other’s sight
The eye contact was perfect
And things just seemed
Weirdly right

Our eyes were doing the talking
While our mouths were speechless
Our bodies not in motion
Like a statue
With no scope of moving

There was so much crowd
With no aim of reducing
I thought why these barriers
Between two people who just want
To do some talking

I had to break that continuous gaze
And go backwards to move out
The cab driver waiting outside
Could have cancelled the ride
No doubt!

Eyes shed some tears
Expressing pain
And the story ended here
Because I never saw you again



Profile of Aachal Desai
Aachal Desai  •  4y  •  Reply
Really loved it Sampada, a love story ended before even starting. Will look forward to read more.
Profile of Sanjeeta Vaidya
Sanjeeta Vaidya  •  4y  •  Reply
Awestruck. Very true. Language of eyes are truly magnificence
Profile of Nishita Haldankar
Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
Beautiful poem. When eyes do the talking, two people can be in contact inspite of being at opposite corners. Just loved this talking.
Profile of Khushi B
Khushi B  •  4y  •  Reply