What do I say about you?

So, I would like to begin with a cliché line “I never thought we would be best friends”

Thanks to me being an introvert, I did not utter a word the day we met. I was feeling claustrophobic in a hall full of people, certainly I did not know anybody and I was hoping that somebody would come and say “Enough of you being social and you can leave this place”. Okay keeping my sense of humour aside, I’ll come to the point (in some time)

You did find me weird because yes you were an extrovert or ambivert or not an introvert or whatever they call it. The only thing common between us at that point of time that we liked animals or preferably kittens, and these two people had bought their kitten along with them in the function, and yes who does that? We’ll gossip about it later maybe.

So just to handle that cute little kitten, we actually started a conversation, or a small talk precisely. Turned out to be, we had a mutual friend, whose marriage it was that day. They say and I do believe “If an introvert becomes comfortable in someone’s presence then he/she is no longer an introvert in front of that person”. Now who has said this it doesn’t matter. You just understand the relevance.

It has been so long, it was that day and now it is today, nothing has changed except the word “best” being added before the word friend.

We have seen each other’s good and bad phases

We have seen each other’s sorrow and happiness

From talking for hours to doing shopping together

From taking care of our schedules and still meeting each other

From arguing over non sensical things to adding some sense in each other’s life

From understanding each other’s mood via text messages to being there for each other even in the toughest times

From laughing at each other’s jokes to making fun of someone else together via expressions

This journey of our friendship has been wonderful! And it should stay the same

Also, as we both know nobody could have handled the weird me, or the weird you or both of us.

To add some more emotional touch “what if I wouldn’t have attended that marriage function? I wouldn’t have met you and I would never get a chance to meet my best friend.”

Okay, enough of me pampering you, let the readers think what do they have to say to their best friend!



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Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
We may not be together all the time but the momemt we meet, it seems like we were never separate. Best friend is precious gift . Best friend gives us spport, happiness and feeling that he or she will be there always . Nice article and perfect expression of best friend.
Profile of Nishita Haldankar
Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
Friendship is altogether different relationship. With friend we can be ourselves. We accept each other as we are.
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Minal  •  4y  •  Reply
Really appreciate... keep it up my dear