Have you ever wondered what it takes to stay strong even when time is against you?
“The power of your will”
Yes, the only thing which can keep your mind calm, your patience on point and your hopes high is your WILL.

WILL can be defined as a desire to do something, to keep a task running, a kind of determination which can’t be moved no matter what.

We all have goals set in our mind, we have aims which we want to fulfil, we have desires which we look forward to, we have dreams which we want to see happening in reality. But life has its own way of ruining things temporarily, we see obstacles every time we least expect it and that’s the bitter truth because to be honest no one receives things easily, we all have to struggle, we all have to work hard, we all have to keep our focus in place.

When obstacles occur, our aims, goals, targets or desires face a turning point where we no longer have that level of determination which we had at the beginning. It is in human nature to lose interest in something just because things are not happening the way we had planned. So, in order to get back on track and that inner motivation to do something or to achieve something, you need to possess this one quality which can be an answer for your future success stories.

The quality is a strong and determined WILL
And how is that possible? Even when you don’t really feel like doing anything? Or when you are totally demotivated because of the circumstances?

Yes, the purpose for which you had started something, the cause for which you had set your goal, the reason why you were ready to go through the inevitable pain, your intention and your motive.

Every time you face an obstacle, you need to remember the purpose for which you are working and without which you won’t be satisfied in your life. Your purpose will give you the strength to make you work towards your goal, it will give you the capability to face obstacles, it is going to make your will stronger than what it was before.

When you feel the need to quit, when your willpower is in lack of power, remind yourself of the purpose, because there is no goal without a purpose. And once you remember the purpose your willpower will get its power back to keep you moving.



Profile of Payal Mogre
Payal Mogre  •  4y  •  Reply
Interesting... Simple yet so precise
Profile of Aachal Desai
Aachal Desai  •  4y  •  Reply
Very well written Sampada. Keep it up.
Profile of Nishita Haldankar
Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
Great thinking again. Will power is the power to survive in this competetive world.
Profile of Aakanksha Singh Mahror
Aakanksha Singh Mahror  •  4y  •  Reply