Hey there,

Yes you

The one reading this

This one is for you...

You go through so many things everyday,

You keep quiet sometimes even when you have a lot to say,

You get surprises from life in the form of shocks that take your breath away,

You make plans but sometimes destiny has its own games to play.

You look for happiness in small small things,

You look for consideration among other human beings,

You look for freedom so that you can spread your wings,

You look for moments where your heart gladly sings.

You try to make your hope more strong,

You try not to lose courage when things go wrong,

You try to take that leap of faith to know where you want to belong,

You try to adjust yourself with people and situations so that you can get along.

You know life isn't fair,

You know genuine people are rare,

You know relationships are at times based on truth and dare,

You know who would be there for you and who wouldn't care.

You have your own definition of success,

You have your own set of failures and experiences,

You have your own fears of what might be the consequences,

You have your own dreams and so you are ready to take more chances.

You win some day,

You lose some day,

And situations are neutral some day,

But In this hustle and bustle of every single day,

There are burnouts which can't be avoided by any way,

There are moments which are ruined in dismay,

So there are days when

You get highly frustrated

You get unknowingly irritated

You get easily distracted

In Life's mathematics,

Joy gets subtracted and agony gets added.

You are aware this is also temporary,

But somehow you can't escape the worry.

You are aware time is going to sort stuff,

But somehow you don't like how things are going so rough.

You are aware you are going to get back on track,

And when somehow you find a better life hack,

You have this moment of super relief,

Where you regain all your self- belief.

Life's good and bad phases have their own philosophy

Life's Up's and down's have their own philosophy

This world is like a stage

And you are an artist

You are playing your part

Some parts are good and some aren't good,

Important is that on the stage you still stood.



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Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
The poet has precisely described journey of life, its ups and downs. Our feelings towards life and the changed scenario. Great writing again.