It Is Their Month Of Pride: A Poem

Sampada Belose
Jun 24, 2019   •  29 views

It is 2019, but the people who still have a homophobic mindset may stay away from this or may read it and change the way of looking towards things.


The Poem:

She loves her,

How will it sound?

That doesn't even matter

For she can't live without her,

And if her love isn't around

Her life will scatter.

He loves him,

Is this even a thing?

Yes, because here love is a maxim

For he has found his love,

And no matter what

He can't unlove.

They are in love,

They are partners

They have already accepted each other in their small little world

They know this won't be easy

But they know this is worthy

They are ready to take a stand

One of them is a bit afraid maybe

As the consequences one doesn't want to see.

They still walk together, hand in hand

They want to convince the people associated with them

The near, the dear ones and also the insignificant

They want to leave no stone unturned

Later they don't want to listen to anybody's rant.

But why do they have to care about so many things?

When the thing they are in is LOVE, like normal human beings

Why do they have to think about after effects?

Why are they still treated like crime suspects?

They are something,

They are proud to be

It is completely natural

Only if others could see

They are something

They don't pretend to be.

One has the choice,

To choose his/her partner

It is one's preference

One can voice.

Love is baseless of gender,

When two people want to be together

It is the feelings which matter

It is the emotions which are prioritized higher

They feel the best when they are with each other

Their love is sincere

Then who has given others the right to oppose them and bother?

It is not a crime now legally,

But by their surroundings

They are still tortured mentally

Some people are scared to open up

Just because they fear the society

Till when

Is this going to happen?

Enough of the struggles they face and the people who get on their nerves,

A happy and non-judgemental life everyone deserves.

Let Love be and Let Love live

Because Love is Love



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Wow! Loved it.