Emotional Intelligence And Its Five Elements

Sampada Belose
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To be Emotionally Intelligent is one of a kind,

IQ doesn't work in solitude, hope you don't mind.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

So, Emotional Intelligence by definition can be stated as understanding the emotions of self, handling them (after being aware of them) and also understanding the emotions of others, trying to manage them as well (in a positive way of course, we aren't talking about manipulation here)

And what does it mean when someone has a good EQ?

Daniel Goleman, An American psychologist gave these five elements/characteristics in order to define Emotional Intelligence

1. Self Awareness

2. Self Regulation

3. Motivation

4. Empathy

5. Social skills

Now we'll go through each one of them with the help of short poems (because poems are love)

Self Awareness

Once we come to know

What are we feeling

Exactly and not vaguely

"When I Understand and identify the meaning

Of my emotions completely

That's when I am

Self Aware"

Self Regulation

Once we know

What is the emotion

We won't let our thoughts or actions flow

With its power

"For example if a negative emotion is triggered

What will I have to do?

I have already figured

That's when I am

Self regulated"


The medicine to cure pessimism

The guide for optimism

Doing what you love or loving what you do as they say

Motivation can help us here every day

"When I am inspired intrinsically

And I can motivate others too

Without losing my cool not many times or a few

That's when I am



This one is my favorite

It is one of the best qualities people can have, till date

Putting yourself in the situation of others (of course mentally)

Understanding what others are going through

Showing care, showing consideration, compassion

And for the behavior of others

You don't need an explanation

Being empathetic may not sound as an easy decision

But if you have it in you, it is the best provision

"If I know and have the capability to understand others in all situations

That's when I am


Social Skills

"Good Interpersonal Relationships"

The three words I can use here

Being trustworthy

People can trust you with no fears

Effective interactions

With everyone and not only your peers

Tackling misunderstandings

With dear ones and also who aren't so near (I am not talking about location)

"When I have and I can maintain good interpersonal relationships

That's when I have

Social Skills"

So, If one has all these elements or qualities or characteristics in herself/himself, then that person can be called as Emotionally Intelligent or someone with a good EQ

Good news- EQ can be learned and developed with practice!

So let's try to be Emotionally Intelligent, because when EI works life is kinda balanced (both personal and professional)



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The concept of emotional intelligence by the writer is worth practising and implementing to make this world a wonderful place to live and let live.