So to begin with,

There are email attachments

When we attach a file, a word doc or an excel sheet to mail it to someone it is known as an Attachment.

And these attachments can be deleted by the sender prior to sending or if it is sent then it can be deleted by the receiver.

Cool enough? Yes because it has somewhat less repercussions.

Now coming to real attachments

(The "actual" write-up starts from here)

Attachments by definition mean:

A bonding, a connection, an emotional affection etc etc with someone or something.

These attachments are with living and non living beings for example with people, with memories, with situations, with belongings and with coffee (In my case)

Everything else is still fine but attachment with people is something one can't be a fan of.


Because untimely and unwanted attachments with unnecessary people, creating unanswerable questions, causing unrealistic expectations is sort of uncool.

(That came straight from the heart? Nope. Brain it is)

Now as we all know attachment doesn't come single handedly as along with it comes every possible not so wanted thing or precisely "feeling"

One doesn't understand how bad the side effects of an attachment can be before getting into that attachment, before letting the vibes of that attachment into the mind.

(Too much attachment here? Can't help though)

The very first thing which comes in company with attachment is EXPECTATIONS.

Have you heard this

"It is natural for one to have certain expectations from the people one is attached with"

Yes this isn't something new

It can be anyone

Friends or special someone

(Intended inversion for poetic effect)

Attachment brings expectations.

Now the problem isn't with expectations, trouble begins when the expectations aren't met and both the parties are in a dilemma.


(As if I am explaining a process)

As and when expectations aren't met, it gives rise to misunderstandings. A lot of them.

Why are you like this

Why are you not

Why did you do like this

Why did you not

(All the who what why questions)

Next comes EGO

Misunderstandings lead to EGO


Here people are developing Ego's and you are asking how

(People also show their ego without reason at times)

Okay for example

I won't solve this first

I won't talk to him/her

It wasn't my fault

He/she should have understood

This is natural in some cases

It is nobody's mistake we all are humans.

But what is the root cause here?


Sorry, I forgot the last step

What after Ego?

What if things don't get solved?

Answer- Antonym of attachment.

And then the next day we may again get into some temporary attachment.

There is a loop you see?

I bored you too much right?

(Because I had the pen)

Let's conclude

All these things are required, attachments, expectations, misunderstandings, arguments, clashing of ego's.

Just to see who stays and who leaves.

Just to see who was real and who wasn't.

Just to see if things were worth it or not.

Just to understand ourselves as well as others and life a little better.



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Wow! The writing style was awesome and so your content!