Today this page is as good as a blank sheet of white paper as I am unaware about what topic should I choose to write upon

Today I don’t have any subject to start with or any conclusion to end with

Today I’ll just randomly keep writing, as words appear, I’ll try to go with the flow

Today my mind is blank, I am not allowing the thoughts to channelize, I am just letting the thoughts come in

Today there is no restriction, no binding, nothing is right yet nothing is wrong, words are in play but there are no lyrics to this song

Today I don’t agree and I don’t disagree to anything

Today I don’t worry and I don’t care about anything

Today I won’t frown and I won’t be sad for anything

Today I look for peace, far away from the reality

Even if staying in the real is my mere responsibility

Today I want to walk, just keep walking towards peace

If there is any road the let me know please

Today I won’t find answers to my questions

Today I won’t ask questions to my answers

Today I won’t allow feelings to bother me

Today I won’t try to keep calm

Today I won’t let my anger down

Today I’ll just let it be

Today I won’t let happiness to create an impact

Today I won’t allow sadness to show the fact

Today I’ll just be what I want to be

Or maybe

I’ll just be what I don’t want to be

Today I won’t react to the happenings

Today I won’t look at the surroundings

Today I won’t try to write for some meaning

Today I won’t look out for courage

Today I won’t let fear encourage

Today I won’t let failure dishearten me

Today I won’t let success overburden me

Today I won’t let expectations come to me

Today I won’t let distractions ruin me

Today I won’t live in the nostalgia

Today I won’t remember the old goodbye and see ya

Today I won’t think about the future

Today I won’t say experience is a good teacher

Today I’ll just let go

Let go everything


Today I’ll just make sure to sit and let my mind

Wander freely

Because everyone needs a today

Everyone needs a way to stop thinking

Everyone needs a break from the normal so-called living

Everyone needs an escape from merely existing

Everyone needs a blank today!



Profile of Aachal Desai
Aachal Desai  •  4y  •  Reply
Good one Sampada, I agree we all need one blank today, never thought of it before though. We keep running in life thinking tomorrow never comes and keep occupying our today.
Profile of Nishita Haldankar
Nishita Haldankar  •  4y  •  Reply
Though the title is blank today, i can not leave the coment box blank. This really totally a, new thought.