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Sakshi Jangra
Feb 06, 2020   •  388 views

Hey, IGDTUWites!

I request the readers to sit back and read the blog to get a clear vision of what open-source is and how GirlScript helps us to achieve our goals. The write-up maybe a little longer but is worth reading.

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What is Open Source?

Open Source refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. Open-source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available to use.


Best Platforms to host Open Source Projects

  • GitHub 

  • GitLab

  • Bitbucket

  • AWS(Amazon Web Services) Elastic Beanstalk 

    and so on…. 

    You can simply upload your code, plan your projects and deploy and scale web applications and services developed with different languages as you like. These services make your code “Open-Sourced” and this is how you can contribute to the community. :) 

    Your code is saved in cloud memory and is available to you anytime anywhere.

    Why contribute to Open Source?

    • To improve the software you love.

    • To gain competitive advantage.

    • To get the satisfaction of promoting open-source values.

    • To enhance your career opportunities.

    • Most importantly, it is fun and easy to work as a team.

About GirlScript

GirlScript Foundation is a non-profit organization registered by the Government of India. GirlScript started as a project which has been selected by Mozilla under the Open Leadership program out of 51 open-source projects worldwide.

The main motto of GirlScript is not only to encourage gender equality in the technology sector but also to help those who want to get into technology and are clueless at the starting phase of their technical education.


About GirlScript Summer of Code


It is a 3-month long Open Source program conducted during summer by GirlScript Foundation, which started in 2018. It aims at helping beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity. Throughout the program, participants contribute to different projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.

So How can you participate?

Project Admin: If you have an Open Source Project you wish to make part of GSSoC 2020, you can apply as a project Admin.

A Mentor: Mentors help and guide participants to start their Open Source Journey.  They need not have their own project for mentoring. If you have a little experience with Open Source/ Programming or both, you're most welcome.

A Participant: If you wish to contribute to different projects and enhance your skills,  this is the right place to start. We do not have any prerequisites required from participants, except for enthusiasm and persistence.

                 WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?                                Eligibility Criteria

The GirlScript Summer of Code (GSSoC) proudly entertains the participation of all genders. All willing candidates can apply for mentorship for an amazing learning and leadership experience.

Also, the Summer of Code, being open for all, provides a platform to all the participants, both students, and professionals, to showcase their talent on a national level.

Do I need to be Pro at programming?


If you know any programming language, do mention your skills and projects in the form. Upload projects on your Github Account. This will give you an edge over others.

What if you have no programming background? :( 

Maybe this is what you would have said about Open-Source before reading this blog.  But now you know it. Try to explore things and get your path. It is better to be called a failure than to be called a benighted person. So, at least try and give it a go. Fill the details properly.

Wanna hear the cool part?… some students who participated in this program earned the position of the top contributor without even writing a single line of code.

HOW??  :0

All is the magic of your dedication and an urge to learn.

What matters is to get exposure and try!

How will it work?

At the start, all mentors will declare issues, the admin will keep check of the structure of the website and participants will comment on the issue and make pull requests for the issue.

  • Well, this is exciting...

    • Winners get a lot of goodies and prizes.

    • Top performers also stand a chance to get internship opportunities.

    • All participants with at least one pull request get a digital certificate of participation.

      • Ohh did I mention that the top performer(s) will get a Paid trip to Girlscript India Summit? 

      • Therefore, gear up for the competition and give it everything you got.

Let’s Have a word with GSSoC 2019 members… 


Don’t forget to fill-up the form!!       Deadline: 10th February 2020

Fill out the form :                                                                                                   Mention Campus Ambassador in the last question

You can visit GirlScript Website for more details or GitHub.

Do ping me for any doubt.

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