Once in their lifetime everyone faces this situation, the pressure to perform in student life and dealing with distractions. When there is need to perform our best but preoccupied by some sort of distraction. At this point of time the need here is to stay motivated and focused towards our goal, but it might happen that the person is misled by certain distraction. In a student life main focus lies is,to study,learn and work hard with single mind devotion to achieve goals. But it’s not how smoothly it goes students face distraction too, as the word itself defines some lust or desire that misguide the person from achieving his/her goals.

What an student goes through

Every student life has a motive to perform and to achieve something, by putting their best and yielding good results. Many of the students get overpowered by distractions, and at that point of time they didn’t recognize how harmful it can be. It may spoil the career and make it impossible for the one to fulfill the dreams and desires of himself or his teacher's,family. It also depend from person to person the ability to handle distractions in life and resist them some examples can be taken like, addiction to smart phones, bad company indulgence, or any undesirable activity. Now with the wider scope of technology and availability of gadgets, it attracts many people, as it enables one to enjoy and for a while avoid all stress and work. This results in decreased focus, feeling demotivated. Charm of technology attracts for a while and later makes to loose the ability to focus on things.

How students should deal

It’s the ability of the student itself to deal with all distractive material,rise above all and keep focus on ambitions. Here moral education also play a vital role to guide and show some light in darkness & let one move towards the right direction. Parents as well as teacher’s guidance also play key role so that student learn to stay stable and proceed further towards fulfilling the dreams and desires. At this crucial student age if one got distracted,it may last a long lasting impression further in life and in many future decisions.

It is advised to remain cautious towards their future and perform their best accordingly. Work should be done on the amount of hardwork, focus and dedication the dream requires to turn into reality someday. This time period bear life long fruits and a good future. Students can easily deal with distractions by deciding priorities of their life and moving ahead in the direction to live the life they have imagined.