Newspapers has been regarded as a basic essential since the very time they started getting published. It is the requirement of every human to get updated with what is happening around the globe. It is defined as a piece of paper with any printed material that contains news for the public. Every newspaper tries to impress its readers so that they are used to that newspaper and prints information in various forms such as stories, cartoons, pictures and words. Almost every newspaper lives on criticism and exposure of those who abuse their authority and resort to corruption in many significant ways.

Newspapers play important role in politics

With the help of newspapers the policies and actions of the government are conveyed to the people and in turn people give opinion or criticize them. Hence newspapers are a chain of action and reaction. In a democracy, the role of press is of great importance as it makes public aware about important political issues. Public in general get to develop their views regarding different political parties existing in the environment and their strategies, agendas to be done for welfare of public. A newspaper also keeps us informed regarding national and international events therefore adds to our general knowledge.

It satisfies every section

It consists of different pages for every section of the society, every age group as well as businessmen, sports lover, women, children. The unemployed one can also look for vacancies it’s a great source to find jobs. There exists sports page for sports lover. There are matrimonial columns for unmarried. A good newspaper is a source of entertainment as well, Sunday edition comes with interesting facts and stories. Basically it is made to fulfill the needs of every section and age group. So that every individual get hands over newspaper and get to enhance their knowledge and also satisfying their vested interest.

Role played by newspaper

Newspapers play a both positive and constructive role. Certain newspapers indulge in sub standard journalism and exploit vulnerable people. Instead of harmony and discord they get into some conservative topics which may hurt sentiments of a particular section. The importance of newspapers is such that they can make or break governments. In reality they newspaper is the watch dog of human rights, whom we call the fourth estate in the age of democracy. It is one of the strongest pillar of free Nation. Both bad and good news should be addressed by media with equal importance to spread awareness among the general public. It helps to build their own perspective and judge what is happening in the society.