Moral Values An Important Aspect Of Life

Sakshi Ajmera
May 30, 2019   •  184 views

Moral values in simple terms are defined as a set of principles that guide an individual on how to evaluate right versus wrong. It’s an important aspect of an individual character. Schools and colleges teach us reading, writing and arithmetic but we also need value based education or moral education.

Moral education

According to Winston Churchill " The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom not trade, character not technicalities”. Education without human dignity and moral compassion of life is of no use. Even the best education without character and common sense is useless, only that education matters which teaches students and guide them towards character, morality & virtues.

Moral education is positive education & leads to positive thinking, it gives guidance to one in the path of life where important is you choose right and a positive path. The education believes in ethical values, teaches us to be sincere, honest and to behave responsibly in favour of society.This gives us vision which is the key to achieve excellence in life, as teaches us to choose between virtue and vice.

The problem

Nowadays the virtues of humility, love and compassion have been replaced with hypocrisy as all this is done to promote an artificial image in front of public. This hypocrisy is killing our generation as their indulgence is in showing off their peers, they are ready to sacrifice their values for their vested interest and some take religious shelter to hide all of their selfish interests while present themselves as a spiritual human. We are the hole and sole responsible reason for declining moral values as we only offer & receive bribes and consider it as a part of performing a transaction for succeeding in life.

According to Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of perfection in man”.
It has to overhaul the manifestation of the total personality of a student to enable her/him to be a righteous citizen of society.

How to serve moral education

Moral education must be provided in schools and teaching institutions to imbibe them and help in taking their decision of life guided through ethical values or moral support. The morally educated person gives output with higher efficiency, helps to build a safe, secure and healthy environment. As the person increases the national output & also enhances national economy as well as standard of living for all.

Therefore there is a great need of moral education in modern times where we are surrounded by all crimes, theft and murder stories flooding the news, to provide future generation a happy and secure environment.