Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

Sakshi Ajmera
Jun 22, 2019   •  185 views

Mobile phones are device that transforms the way earlier communication was performed. It’s defined as a very handy and convenient device that has reached out to every age group. It brings ease to many day to day tasks and nowadays it has become a clear necessity. But despite its all benefits the harmful effects its lays on society and human behaviour as well as health are irrevocable. That’s why researchers alarmed it’s harmful effects World Wide when it’s excessive use started harming the environment.

Ill effects caused by mobile phones

Since the mobile phones are introduced there have been concerns regarding their effects they lay on human health. Mobile phones produce radio frequency (RF) radiation which constitute to be a part of electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Most mobile phones transmits and receive RF radiation of very high frequencies that causes direct damage to human organs and lay adverse effects on health. It is being known from a very long time, the effects caused by RF radiations, they can reduce mental concentration increases stress when highly used. The effects are known by the name ‘thermal effects’, some of which can be created by subjecting a person to a warm environment.


Some users of mobile phones complain of sensations of heating, headaches and nausea while using their mobile phones. Their excessive use, for example the increasing trend of online games that creates the space for aggression in kids as they are susceptible to such online gaming environment and this reduces their physical outings and exercises resulting in lack of creativity and avoiding social meetings. The radiations produced by mobile phone affects several sensitive electronic equipment, certain medical equipment and aircraft navigation system. This may indirectly endanger the lives of people through the failure of these electric systems and warnings, due to this it is advised to turn mobile phones off in aircraft and hospitals.

In recent years it is the figure of more concern that long term exposure of RF radiation may be responsible for serious health effects,such as cancer. Research continues to be undertaken on several fronts including the study of human population and laboratory experiments on cells and tissues, and on rats and the mice. While some studies have found effects associated with exposure to RF radiation, other studies have not shown such effects. While taking into consideration it is to be avoided that addictive use of mobile phone as that would kill generations,it may cause them running short of time,bad health,short tempered nature and loss of creativity as well.