Curse To Health-Adulterated Food

Sakshi Ajmera
Jun 25, 2019   •  188 views

With the rise in population and increase in living standards there’s ever-growing demand for food. A variety of junk food stuff fulfilling the market needs is a slow poison to human body. It affects health in the ways one can’t monitor how unhealthy food develops poison. Whole agricultural land is under pressure to grow more crops and satisfy market demands. Chemical fertilizers are added to meet the growing demands. There exists food additives, colouring agents,flavours and preservatives that unknowingly adulterate the food content. The additives used to preserve fats and oils can last in the body fat for years. An junk food addict should keep in mind that junk food gives an additives loaded diet which deprives body from essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Drinking water also determines health

Drinking water also play a vital role in maintaining health. There are complains that some areas get supply of toxic drinking water that contains high levels of fluoride, and essential nutrients are absent. Excessive intake of fluoride gives birth to a disease named as fluorosis. Heavy pollution of river water, from factory waste material, human sewage, plastic waste, contaminated food and drinking water are main causes of food poisoning.

Role food packaging plays

Many food packaging can also contaminate food, like plastic bags cause contamination to large extent. Similarly large amount of lead intake is also harmful. Utensils use with different material can also poison food. Food packed in plastic for long hours or hot food is dangerous to a large extent, this should not be taken lightly in health terms. Copper and brassware material untensils tarnish easily in air. In contact with fruits and vegetables, the acid in food get dissolves the tarnish leading to food poisoning.

Sorts of adulteration

Adulteration of food products is a common problem in our country. Take this as an example, to make tea leaves appear better coal tar dyes are used. A commonly known colour called metanil yellow is most cheap and freely available colouring agent,is a coal tar product. Commonly used food products like pulses, saffron,turmeric are being adulterated with dye. This was a small example our country has list of variety of adulterated foods and beverages. This includes oils, cereals, pulses, edible fats, spices, preserved food, salted food, milk and it’s products.

Solution came out to stop adulteration

To prevent country from this adulteration of food affecting health of many. The Indian standards institution and Agmark have established certain standards that are to be fulfilled by food production organization. This applies a check over all the physical, biological and chemical properties of a product. They ensure that the method followed for production must not be harmful. All the ingredients added are safe enough and used of safe quality and in an appropriate amount.