Examination System And It's Pressure

Sakshi Ajmera
Jun 28, 2019   •  176 views

Exams is the most worse season in any of the students life. Examination means beginning of fear, tension, anxiety under which the student doesn't perform well and have to face the dire consequences. If it is properly judged and analysed exam system is not a reliable way to gauge students capability and their ability to determine a student performance on basis of exams, where as well luck plays a major role. A mere conduction of an exam or a, one night study can’t hold the decision what heights a student can reach in achieving his/her life goals.

The examination system

This critical examination system is not fruitful and doesn’t give the skills and learning which students are require to learn in their student life to nurture their talent and enhance beyond capabilities in which they are good enough. It encourages cramming of whole syllabus to achieve top ranks. There’s high pressure to excell and achieve top ranks in every examination. Students get this much pressurized that they become negligent about their social and moral views. They stop indulging themselves from interaction with people and their surroundings.

How badly it affects

It’s become a too late concern when they find that their mental health gets badly affected due to such whole examination pressure. It curbs student creativity and ability to do something different, rather than just performing well in exams. It is least taken into consideration that how badly this examination pressure engulfs dreams and aspirations of a student. It stops mainly from living their lives and experiencing what more life offer. Its just a small age that they have seen this world. If constant reports are taken a look,from past a decade there’s increase in number of students committing suicide. Such a large rate of suicidal cases exits because students fail to tolerate such pressure and for them it’s the only option left. Failure in exams in marked as a failure of life. Immature students age fails to understand that life has soo much to offer beyond this and it’s not like what Orthodox society shows ‘exam failure’ as ‘life failure’.

The pressure

The pressure among students to perform well and clear every exams give rise to increase of private coaching centres. They target students and give them competition among themselves to fight for a seat in top institutions. With 8-10 hours of vigorous studies and constant family pressure, private centre are really high burden on Indian typical students. The pressure of performing well is so much that the students goes beyond their extend and they bribe invigilator by offering cash and jewellery so that they may succeed by hook or crook. This should be shame on society what a great values students are incurring, and how I’ll effect it causes to student life. This learning If it’s not increasing the knowledge and skills of a student is of no use. So there should be comprehensive grading system and this system is to be eradicated at any cost, if we properly want to nurture a student let his/her grow fully to best of capabilities.