Take A Ride With Lajpat Nagar Market

Sakshi Prasad
Nov 02, 2019   •  30 views

When it comes to street Shopping so many shopping destinations instantly come to our mind. One of them is the Lajpat Nagar market.

Lajpat Nagar is situated in South Delhi. It is the heart of Delhi.

It is open 6 days a week.

So guys take your time and visit Lajpat Nagar market for exciting stuff.

There are so many things one can find in Lajpat Nagar like from top to Bottom.

One can find various food stalls also where you can find different food items, drinks like momos, Gol Gappa and so many things to eat and drink. After a whole day of shopping, you need fuel to start again.

Why most people go to Lajpat Nagar?


Because of the cheapest stuff. You can find every single item therefrom casual clothes to traditional shoes. It is one of the best shopping streets in Delhi.

What all things to get in Lajpat Nagar?


You can get a lot of things in the Lajpat Nagar market from clothes to food. Everything.

Things to Buy 

From embroidered to printed fabrics, from embellished fabrics, you will get the best retail shops there.

Varieties of fabrics which will make you buy more and more.

Apparel fabric


If you are an expert in making your designs then Lajpat Nagar is the market for you. Use your skills, buy fabrics and create your design. Get it stitched and flaunt your garment.

It is a pocket-friendly idea. It will save you money and give you a new designer's cloth. There are a lot of stores in Lajpat Nagar where you can find amazing varieties of fabric.

You know the quality and what type of print and fabric you want.

Everything you can get from casual fabrics for tops and Kurtis, traditional fabric for the festival and bridal lehenga fabrics.

Some of the popular stores where you can get the amazing Fabrics are -

Ramjisons, Hast Kala, Monalisa, Prakash collections and so many.



At Lajpat Nagar, you can get varieties of sandals like traditional footwear. Like for parties or casual wear.



You can get varieties of handbags such as for parties, casual handbags, and so many.

Choose the best handbags for any occasion at affordable prices.



Get the latest designs and colors of the accessories from the Lajpat Nagar market.

Such as metals jewelry, colorful neckpiece, bangles, earrings, and other items.

Get these cheap and amazing items from this market.

Food stalls


While shopping, you need the fuel to restart your engine again.

So this market has got amazing and yummy food stalls that will make you crave to eat the food.

So you can find everything from Chinese to Indian to beverages.

Enjoy your shopping with amazing food and drinks.

Home Furnishing Fabric


So You want to decor your home with adorable and interesting things.

This market has got the best home furnishing fabric for carpets, curtains, cushions, bedsheets, table cloth, and many more things.

You will get a variety of colors, designs, patterns and at reasonable rates.

How to get the location?

It's very simple. Now technology has become very vast and fast that it can make your task easy and simple.

Go to the map and search for the Lajpat Nagar market. It will show you the exact location.

Best time to visit the Lajpat Nagar market?

So I would like to suggest better go in the afternoon time like Saturday or Sunday. Weekends are the best time.

You can go in the evening also.

So taking everything into account, Lajpat Nagar is one of the best markets in Delhi Where you can find everything from clothes to accessories to bags to food stalls.

Best place to spend your day and weekends.

Go and have fun with your friends!