The brand Prita And Priyassi -

My thoughts about the brand- I love the collection. Especially the metal silver plated handcrafted jewelry. I found most of the products are from Kundan and metal silver plated which balance the specification of the particular brand.The textures, designs are really catchy and touching the heart. I found one more interesting thing the brand has all the ranges of products. From low to high. The peacock, floral and geometric touch in the products are just taking all the attention. These products are all set to go with the trends. Each and every product is unique of their own. From color to designs everything is so classy.

The factors that make the consumer return a product after online purchase are the following -

1) Quality of the product. This is the main reason why consumers return a product after online purchase whether its jewelry or apparels.

2) Disappointment - In light, camera everything looks so good but in reality do they appear the same? In online purchase consumers order by seeing the pictures and when they get the product and its not the same. It hurts. That's the reason for disappointing for the brand.

3) Price - Of course everybody likes to get the things at a lower price. Isn't it? So after online purchase, if in case the consumer doesn't find it worthy they return the product.

My opinion -

First the quality

I will check if the quality of the product is really good according to the price or not. According to the price chat, every product should be managed.

The advertisement should be made that strong that no consumer will return the products.

We have to make our consumers happy with our product. It should be our main target. Because our brand totally depends on consumer satisfaction. If the consumer will happy with our products, our brands will grow by the formula -

Consumers - more consumers - group of consumers - good brand.

So Comment below if you have any other opinions about the brand.