Hack The Bridal Blouse Lehenga Design For The Wedding!

Sakshi Prasad
Oct 03, 2019   •  32 views

For all the girls and women out there. I know a wedding is something which makes you emotional, nervous and excited at the same time. Wedding is a mixed feeling which can't be describe.

"In the world of short and body hug dresses, she is still the fan of her bridal lehenga.''


A woman looks best in her wedding outfit. I am also a girl. Moreover fashion designer also. I have designed so many garments for different people. But when it comes to the bride it's something so electrified.

I don't know what's that but it feels high when its come to select the best designs for the bride.


Being a girl, I know what all the problems we face while going out. *winks*. Do we always have confusion like what to wear? How to wear? Major problem We don't have clothes. *laughs*

At one side we have a bunch of clothes and on the other side, we have nothing to wear. Strange. So boys and girls think about her special occasion that is the wedding day, what she will do?

No need to worry girls. I know a wedding is a big day for you. The bride has to look gorgeous on her special day.

About Different Bridal Blouse designs Lehenga

Last month one of my friends got married and I suggested the best 10 Lehenga designs for her wedding. So check out the designs and select the lehenga designs for your wedding. Go, the bride and set the stage on fire!

Ditch the red


I know red is the symbol of love and every bride loves to wear red on her wedding day.


But girls it's high time! You should follow trends and select the latest nude pastels color for your wedding.

And trust me you will look stunning on your wedding and thanks me later.

Tips -

Go for shiny accessories like neck piece, headgear, long earrings. To complete the look, wear bold makeup like smokey eyes and bold lip shade.

These are unusual and unique lehenga colors that will make sure you look only beautiful on your big day.

Shades of Pink

I can never get over from the pink Lehenga. Every bride looks stunning in the color pink.

Nude Blush Pink Lehenga


This nude blush pink is taking all the heart away. The golden embroidery adds more glimpse to the lehenga.

Tips - Go for bridal makeup with a red lip and golden glittery eye makeup. The bride can carry golden pump heels to balance the whole look.

Dust Pink Embroidered Lehenga


This gorgeous Dust pink hand embroidered Lehenga teamed with Mint green blouse. The beadwork adds more touch to the outfit. Instead of the pleated dupatta, the bride can go for dust pink net dupatta. One can also create embroidery on dupatta to give it a heavy look. This will give the total bridal lehenga to the next level.

Baby pink Lehenga


Wedding day with coco nude


Coco nude is the color of the month. Brides should not miss the chance to grab this beautiful design on their wedding day.

Let Blue be the Royal color at your wedding


The color blue itself gives Royalty and sassiness at your wedding. The brightness and boldness of the color are giving all the touch to the outfit.

Talking about the design and pattern, these are interesting and unique. Which makes every bride opt for this lehenga.

Go for floral embroidered lehenga


Florals can never go out of fashion whether it's western or Indian. Florals always make me happy.

Embroidered florals can never disappoint you. It makes you feel like queen. Moreover a confident bride.

Brides! Shine like yellow


No color can match the brightness and shininess of the color yellow. The color is very powerful. Generally, the bride wears it on Haldi day. But why only on Haldi day? Check out this beautiful yellow lehenga with embroidery and I am sure you are going to fall in this. One of my cousins wore this design on her wedding.

Tips - Go for bright makeup and with golden jewelry.

Get the Deepika's lehenga from Sabyasachi


This floral embroidered lehenga stole our hearts. I cannot keep my eyes off from this beautiful piece. The bride should take this beautiful piece and set the stage on fire by their killing looks.

Don't miss out girls! After all, it's your day.

Sea green at your wedding


This color is on trends. I cannot keep calm. look at the designs. Everything is so gentle. From color to design and silhouette.

The light green floral lehenga


One must try this out and feel the sea green vibes. Green is the color of positivity. So on your big day, you have to be positive and feel the good vibes.

The sea green raw silk lehenga


Mix it up - Orange and pink Lehenga


Its time to have some fun at your wedding day. Mix and match the two colors and create an amazing design for your wedding.

Take an example from this look like orange and pink.

You can also mix the two colors such as green and royal blue and create a beautiful piece for your wedding.

Tips - Color combination plays an important role. Pick up only two colors. Not more than two colors. If you are choosing one light color then others should be dark. so that it will make balance to the outfit.

Red and Golden have got no replacement!


Yes, today's many brides wear nude shades, bright color. But Red has all our heart. No color, no nude shades can take the place of the symbol of love.

Here is the latest design by Anita Dongre. The red bridal lehenga which every girl would love to wear on her special day.


Tips - Wear green stone jewelry. Complete the look by beautiful bridal makeup.

So taking everything into account, an Indian wedding is like a festival. That creates joy and togetherness of two families. The bride and bridegroom are shower with love and blessing. And of course with precious jewels and attire. After all, it's their day, they have to look their best on their grand wedding day.

So at last, these were the top 10 best lehenga designs for your wedding which I had suggested to one of my friends. Comment below which designs do you like the most. And do share if you have some unique designs for the wedding.