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Here are some of the beauty care product review.

A good hygiene always promotes your body towards good health. Though monsoon season isknocking at the door but some people like me has a skin texture that release sweat all year!Yes, there are certain parts like underarms that release sweat during winters as well. You just cannot sit with a bad odor! So I always use talc before leaving from home. A talc not even keep you dry but also give a sense of satisfaction that is clean and healthy. Moreover, I feel that talc is something that ever one must use. This product from oriflame has a scent that is incomparable. The cooling effect is amazing.

Product description

Oriflame has a wide range of products! Well, the range of talc is also really wide and has lots of varieties in it. This talc named cool breeze is best to use to the wet areas. The talc has all the qualities that can pamper your skin and provide you all day freshness.

Direction for use

Simply after having your daily bath sprinkle the talc directly over your neck, underarms or any other part you want. Then spread it with the help of your hands.

Feel free to use this talc. This talc you can use in winters as well. This is for all skin types. For video description You can check Out my instagram Page.