• chetan bhagat is the author of six bestselling novels.

in 2008 the new york times called him "the biggest selling author in india's history" a position he has maintained until date.

bhagat has touched a never with young indian readers and acuired almost cult status.

this novel reveal the story of typical girl, who is passionate about her work, feminist by nature, facing so much critical situation in life ,but insted of all this she is willing to live life like others live means having family and kid n all.

the book is combination of positive and also nagative thought.
the story is started as:

There is a girl named Radhika Mehta who is born in a punjabi family in India. She has a sister who is more into fashion but Radhika is a nerd types always busy in studies.

Her sister Aditi gets married after completing her graduation.

Whereas Radhika has big dreams. After completing her IIT she also tops IIM After which she gets a job at distressed bank in New York.

She earns very well there fr which her mother is quite concerned as her mother thinks it will be very difficult to find a boy for a girl who makes so much of money.

Radhika gets annoys when her mother talks about such sexist things. In New York Radhika finds a boy named Debashish and both fell in love with each other.

They started living in live-in relationship. But Radhika earns three times more than Debashish. And one day when Radhika gets her bonus Debashish couldn't make up with a girl who was earning three times more than him so he decides to breakup with her.

Radhika couldnt handle this breakup so she gets transferred to Hongkong. In Hongkong she fell in love with her boss's boss Neil and they both same relationship which she had with Debashish. But Neil was 20 years older than Radhika and was also d th married and had 2 children.

Radhika decides to leave Neil as well after the snarky statement made by Neil Radhika when forced by her mother decides to marry a guy whom she choses at shadi..com. His name was Brijesh Gulati who was working in facebook in San Francisco.

They were having a destination wedding at Goa. During a course of 7 days of wedding functions Debashish came to Goa to marry Radhika as he realised his mistake. Soon after Neil also came to marry Radhika as he also realised his mistake and he gave divorce to his wife.

Radhika was now in a dilemma whom to marry. Later on she decides not to marry anyone and take some off from her messed up life

life is beyound thinking and there is thinking beyound the life


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