Brig (then Major)KuldipSingh Chandpuri commanding the tiny post of Longewala. He had 120 Sikh soldiers of the 'A’ company of the Punjab Regiment. It was observed that a Pakistani force of more than 2500 men along with more than 46 tanks was planning to attack the post and canpture Jaisalmer. KuldipSingh Chandpuri the heavy odds , refused to abandon the post and said that he would not retreat and fight like a true Sikh till his last breath. He motivated his Sikh soldiers by invoking the valour and sacrifice of the Sikh Gurus and the four Sahibzadasof Guru Gobind Singh SahibJi. He said that as Sikhs they should display the highest level of courage and valour. He motivated the troops around the Sikh war cries of

'Jo Bole SoNihalSatShriAkal'and' ''' Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh'"

" KuldipSingh Chandpuri told his troops that if he saw any soldier running from battle then he would personally shoot him and if they saw him running from the battle they were most welcome to shoot him. KuldipSingh Chandpuri asked for anti tank mines to be laid and asked for all preparations to be made for battle. At 12:30 a.m. the Pakistani Forces attacked and KuldipSingh Chandpuri fought the most fiercest battle of his life despite the heavy odds. KuldipSingh Chandpuri went from bunker to bunker to motivate his troops. KuldipSingh Chandpuri put the Jeep mountedrecoilessrifle to use and destroyed 16 tanks before the Air Force came in the morning. Such was the legend of the heroics of KuldipSingh Chandpuri even newspapers in England carried stories of the Battle ofLongewalaand his bravery. The Chief of General Staff of the English Army came down toLongewalato take notes from BrigKuldipSingh Chandpuri MahaVirChakra on how he won the battle of Longewala. The President of India conferred the MahaVirChakra,the second highest military honour on Brig KuldipSingh ChandpuriMahaVir Chakrafor the courage and valour shown by him on the night of 4–5 December ,1971. Pakistan suffered 200 casualties whereas India suffered only 2. The legend of Brig Kuldip SinghChandpuri Maha VirChakracontinues to live on. Cap tAmarinder Singh,Chief Minister of Punjab invited Brig KuldipSingh Chandpuri MahaVir Chakra to the Military Literature Festival in 2017 to motivate children to join the army. Capt AmarinderSingh ,Chief Minister of Punjab also invited him to dinner at theTaj, Chandigarh. Brig KuldipSingh ChandpuriMahaVirChakra currently lives in Chandigarh and is regarded as the greatest war hero of India. Incidentally both the uncles of Brig KuldipSingh ChandpuriMahaVirChakra won VirChakras in the same war1971.

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