there is one girl, she knows me more than myself

The words that don't come on my lips, she knows even them
there is a girl who knows me more than myself.

i know she is batter than me in knowledge and judgement,

she holds on when the entire world strts running.

don't know which world is she alwys dreaming about

she wear anklets in her legs during festivals.

she hears all my stories with a lot o patience,

and may be trough my words she also start thinking about her dreams.

whenever i try to hide something from her somehow she comes to know that,

every time she unmasks me and find the truth.

she doesn't think about roads,she flows like waves.

if i don't listen, she gets angry

if i listen, she smiles

if i am quite, she pampers me,

if i a angry on her, she doesn't apologies

she tries to be own all my faliures

she is bit offbeat but then also she tries to sing

if i dont irritate her then she gets irritated

even after being so mysterious,she cnsiders me as her friend

there is a girl who knows me more than my self


yes,i jock with her a lot but i am scared of losing her

i even like her dislikes

my fredome is preseved in her vagrancy

when i share my words she understnds the feeings.

she fows like a poem on my blank papers


but even then the entire poem is not able to describe her,

not every day angels like her come down to earth,

she holds my hands so that i don't leave hope,

she belives more than me in my dreams,

she doesn't care roads(way), she flows like waves.

there is one gril who knows me more than myself .



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Osmmm bro...keep it up