bachpan me jana tha'

NCC ka bhi 1k gana tha,

khaki vardi or army soese dekh

fir kya junoon sa to aana hi tha .

bachpan ka wo maza knoon me samagya

kuch dino bad dilo dimag me chahh gya.

jay hoo!! gungunati wo aawaz,

savdhan vishram me tabdil ho gai.

fir kuch mehsus hua

bachpan ka wo nanha munna rahi,

najane kab bada hogya,

dekhte hi dekhte college bi start ho gya,

ek din na jaane kahan se sunli obsessive awaaz "line tod"

dil bola dude "maybe you are missing something"

puch tach ke bad pata chala

ho rahi hai recruitment yahi kuch pass.

than .than what?

i only wanted one chance.

my journey started something like that.

and after complete my 1st camp i realised that this uniform is hungry for hard work.

this is how the camp started : when i late 1 mit= 15 minute radha

if i forgot to shaving =20 minit ragda

if i caught talking in lecture = 30 minit ragda

if i try to some MAKRA = infinity ragda

{ some convo. like

cadet : am i disturbed you?

seniour : of course.

chaloo 100 pushp… start.}

during this RAGDA i learned these things.

ragda is just one word but its many types like DADDU, Front roll, buddy task but it was common in all of this "RAGDA khaye ga to bane ga TAGDA" and i feel that after the camp.

i used to listen this every time "ALL INDIANS ARE BROTHERS AND SISTER" and NIC camp proved it.i did no know that i could have so many friends and that too from different cities and states.

#They tell how one polishes shoes at midnight and irons uniform when others are fast asleep.

# they see the mud and sweat on your face after a hard day of parade or ragada.

# if it is Navy they would see how the cadets wash their uniforms and belts especially in the

washroom for hours.

# they explain the speed of one cadet getting ready from bath to dressing up within 15 mins

(Patti parade)

# they would miss them during the camp days

# they also tell others that when they take care about books we pack boots in our bags along

with a polish and a brush

# when others hide money inside books we keep our hackle inside them to shape it

# while others are busy writing exams we see the lonely ground and hallucinate the boot

sounds and commands.

All the lessons nurtured from NCC has made me the chosen ones we are today

Proud to be a part of this organisation

*_Once a cadet, Always a cadet_*



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Keep it up!!...🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Proud to be indian🤟🏻
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Yeah superb Sachin...