Appreciating nation

Is not to move around every region

Riding the fancy chariot.

Patriotism is not

To show how proud you are for nation.

A real identity of yours

Is not turning against your pretty region, humans, people.

This land, this society, this humanity!

You feel

You do not choose

You work through

You work for

You even die

You never lie

When it's a matter of NATION’s view by.

Nation is not to show how proud you are

It’s to feel how proud you are

And how proudly you can serve this society.


Let me tell you one story of my excited friend.

It is an incident when he was in class 8 and joined NCC.

Like, every other friend, he got excited with the name NCC, camps, parade and

many more like that. And, joined it for the same reason.

His school is around 4.5 km far from his home where usually he comes to school by


NCC training is mostly held on weekends.

It is the time of Sunday, besides, he had already experienced 2-3 months of NCC

training as well.

So, it's the matter of his story after 2-3 months.

Normally, training starts at around 8:30 am and finishes after 1-2 hours.

Moreover, Sir out there provide 1 Samosa as a snack.

Sometimes, in the scarcity of it, everyone has to manage 1 Samosa between 2


This time, training was started at 8:00 am.

Because it was a running session.

The task was to run 10 rounds of the ground of school (which was really big).

He somehow managed to challenge this.

After reaching 10 rounds, sir has announced that those who can able to run 1 extra

round then it’d be more appreciable to him.

Well, the very nature of my stupid friend is not to give up yet mainly not in front of


Thus, he ran an extra round and get back to the ground.

Now, he’s totally out of stamina, still, he knows he can manage it.

Everyone gathered on the ground, sir started the series of exercises and told to do

the same.

He started the same.

After 5-10 minutes, he was lying beside the pillar beside the ground.

Including Sir, students were trying to wake him up, served him well with water and

told to take rest.

He was damn unconscious out there; he had remembered nothing.

Sooner, he became aware of this situation and found due to excess of pushing

himself, his body made him feel dizzy.

He was watching everyone performing activities, exercises and all sitting right

under the large banyan tree.

Session has ended and snack time has started.

Sir personally came to him and served 3 Samosa without even asking him.

Everyone was talking about him like

“How lucky he is, that falling down to the floor and showing how weak he was, and getting 3 pieces of Samosa. Where in their case, they were sharing 1 samosa between 2 people, How unfair life is! We’ll try this in

next session, hahah.”



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Vishvesh Fumakiya  •  3y  •  Reply
Haha.... Superb for getting 3 samosa...but actually it provides by sir bcz of yr frnd's all performance...🤟🏻⚡🖤