Smart Homes- A Dream Coming Into Reality

Kesar Rana
Jun 28, 2019   •  11 views

With the upcoming age of smart technologies, all our work is surrounded by it. We have been so dependable on these technologies that we couldn't able to think our lives without it. One such aspect of life is becoming technology resistant day-by-day in our homes. Now our homes are becoming clever with the help of science. Many new devices are coming into the markets which are helping to make our home a smarter home. The transformation of our homes into a smarter home is a blessing for us. Smart home devices work with an internet connection. The places where we have a poor internet connection, these smart home devices will not work properly. They are designed to make our life more easy and comfortable.

Nowadays, we are getting to see the homes where all the home appliances can be controlled anywhere in just a click. Smart home devices work on sensors that will automatically turn lights on or off depending on whether the person is in the room or not. It can create environments by dimming the lights which give the feel of a theatre or creating a particular type of solution with just a click.

Not only lights but the windows and curtains can also be controlled. They can automatically open or close depending upon the sunlight, and weather conditions which help to save energy as the lights and curtains will work in sync. In addition to that, taps also get automatically closed after one gets done with washing hands. Air conditioners automatically adjust the temperature according to the temperature of the environment.

There are also various smart security devices that protect our homes from all kinds of danger. The smart security devices activate the alarm, unlock all the doors and windows for ventilation, and guides the residents to get out of the house safely by switching on the lights of the safest route in case of fire. It will also dial to the emergency services, switching off all the electronic appliances and it locks the doors and windows when the person leaves the house.

The smart home devices are doing wonders. Taking all our worries and tension we just have to sit and relax. Not only they can protect the house or switch off the electrical appliances but they can place an order of the products for us, entertain us and even take care of our health. Smart home devices come in different purposes all according to our needs. In the absence of it will take care of your pet and monitor them giving you the updates of them.

Smart homes can be more readily seen in western countries or in the metro cities of India. In the upcoming years, we could see smart homes even in remote areas.

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