Is Being A Freelancer A Good Alternative To Being A Full-Time Employees

Kesar Rana
Jun 29, 2019   •  18 views

Nowadays many office workers especially young ones want to become their own boss. They want to work on their own. They want to decide how many hours they want to work, which clients they want to work with, where to work and so on. The solution that comes in everyone’s mind is the one and only Freelancing. People are leaving their office jobs and choosing the path of freelancing which they find a better option than the usual 9-5 job. In freelancing, they have more freedom and can choose how and where to work. Everyone is thinking that freelancing is a better alternative than office jobs and is a boon for full-time employees.

It is true that in freelancing you are your own boss and you can decide who, where and whom to work with. You have to do all the things by yourself like marketing, negotiating, dealing with clients and so on. The health insurance bills and other employee benefits will not be covered in freelancing. You have to keep encouraging yourself to do better whenever you feel down. Managing time is one of the most important rules of freelancing. Without proper time management, you will not be able to finish the work. It is true that freelancing gives you the freedom to do work anytime you want. You can even work at any after spending time with your family. You have to also complete the assignments the time, otherwise, you can lose your clients too.

One of the disadvantages that every freelancer has to suffer is an unpredictable income. You will never know how much you will be able to earn next month. If you are a pro freelancer then it is not a big issue as you might have some regular clients who will give you regular work. But if you are new to freelancing then finding regular clients might be a huge task for you so chances are more of an unpredictable income.

You are doing freelancing then you are miles away from office politics. As you have to interact only with the clients then chances are less to get involved in office politics. You could be able to choose which assignment to do and which not to do. The biggest advantage is that you can work remotely without any tension going to the office and can work at your own pace.

Freelancing and office jobs have both their advantages and disadvantages. While choosing between the two, keep in mind what you want to do and which will suit you better. Then make your choice.