In the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in internet users. Among these users, there are many users who are children. Internet usage by children has been readily increased. The Internet is useful for children. However, there are some negative impacts that can directly affect children. If a proper check is not ensured and guidance not given to children, then it can lead to some dangerous situations. Not only there are negative effects of internet influence but there are some positive effects too.

Positive effects of internet influence on kids.

Before we look into the negative effects of internet influence on kids, Let’s look into some positive effects of internet influence. Using the internet by playing games and learning from it increases creativity and teamwork among children. Internet influence also helps to increase hand-eye coordination. Using the internet for study increases the knowledge and that increases the confidence of the students. With the help of proper guidance and use of the internet, children can learn many new things from it and it also helps them to perform better at school. It also increases their visual intelligence as they learn things from online lectures.

Effect on physical health.

By sitting long hours in front of the screen using the internet affects the health of children. First, it affects their eyesight and increases obesity. Sitting long hours in front of the computer lessened the time of their physical activity, and they hardly give any time to play outside. As a result, they become less active and become lazy. Sometimes, children do not go outside their house at all because of the internet and they hardly give any time to their family and friends. It can also result that the kids cut themselves out from the rest of the world and can also lock themselves up in their rooms spending time on the internet, which loosens their real social connections.

Depressions and social maladaptation

Chances are there that the kids can fall into traps because of the internet through their online games or friends. Online games that promote violence attract children's attention easily. Influenced by the game kids try to do these kinds of stuff is not at all good. Trying these violence things can lead to accidents and there can be some severe consequences too.

A year or two back an online game called blue whale killed thousands of children all around the world. This game provokes children to attempt to suicide at the last stage. It all tells them to make a scratch in their hands through the blade after every stage. Provoking them to other violent and harmful stuff. Although the action was taken immediately by the government. The game was banned by Google and other social media platforms but somehow the link of the game was sent to the children through illegal ways. Still, the game took many children's lives, snatching away happiness from thousands of families. The game was considered as a deadly game.

After this incident stricter rules were made by the government and guidelines were released on how children should use the internet, so that such horrible incidents do not happen again. It is definitely the worst side of the internet.

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