7 Most Wonderful Places To Travel Around The Globe

Rohan Lal Kshetry
Jul 11, 2019   •  22 views

Our world is packed up with wonderful and heavenly places to visit. Here is the list of 7 such places that would certainly bring a big wow on your face.

Rainbow Mountains, China:

Covering nearly 200 square miles, the Rainbow Mountains of china is one of the most beautiful geological wonders of the world. In 2009 ‘The Danxia National park’ that is situated in the Gansu province of China was named UNESCO world heritage site. Throughout the year many national as well as international tourists visit here to enjoy the picturesque view.

Angel falls, Venezuela:

With a height if 3212 feet and 500 feet wide at the base, Angel falls is the highest waterfall in the world. The waterfall is also called ‘Salto Churun Meru’. As dense jungle surrounds the base of the magnificent natural wonder it is best seen from air. The water fall is in fact so high that some of its water evaporates before even reaching the base.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA:

The Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona of The United States of America. Although it is pretty small but has some wonderfully beautiful geological formations. This canyon not being a national or state park is often overlooked by many tourists visiting the places nearby. It takes only an hour or two to see it, but it is worth the time. The breathtaking beauty of the rocks is assured to leave a lasting impression.

Arang Kel, Pakistan:

The Arang Kel, also known as Pearl of Neelum valley is a small village situated at 8380 feet high. Located in AZK, it is one of the villages that are most difficult to reach. Although a very cheap tourist destination but the heavenly view will never cease to mesmerize you.

Mawsynram, India:

Since 2015 this small town in North Eastern end of India still held the Guinness world record of highest annual rainfall. The women here make a special hat called ‘knups’ for its residents. The hat is made out of bamboo, straw and grass; this functions like an umbrella which is necessary during most of the time throughout the year.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

The Great Barrier Reef is the world`s largest coral reef is known for its mind boggling natural beauty. It has over 900 islands and stretching for over 2600 kilometers the reef is one of the world`s most wanted tourist destinations. To be more informative, the reef is so vast that is surpasses the size of UK, Switzerland, Holland combined.

Oymyakon, Russia:

The small Russian town of Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited place on Earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -96.16F at 1924. The ground is permanently frozen throughout the year, resulting no means to cultivate crops. People mainly depend on meat, fish and some imported fruits. The small happy own has only one hotel.