10 Cheapest And Budget Friendly Destinations In India To Make Your Vacation Memorable And Adventurous Than Ever

Riya Singh
May 11, 2019   •  7 views

Have you ever been daydreaming and went wandering to the top of hills covered with clouds or through the mesmerizing waters of Alleppey, enjoying every ounce of yourself in a beautiful paradise of nature but suddenly this imagination bubble get bursted and you wake up feeling all disappointed and disheartened thinking of your low cut budget and strained bank balance? Well, no need get bumped out or disappointed because with a bit of planning and adjustments you can travel to beautiful destinations in India without putting much strain in your pocket and enjoy the cool hippie life!!!!!

Here are the few destinations where you can plan your vacations with the slightest expeditions and have ultimate fun......

1. Alleppey

Alappuzha, popularly know by its former name Alleppey. The Venice of India famous for its houseboat cruises along the Kerala serene backwaters, tranquil canals, breathtaking lagoons and beautiful beaches with delicious coconut laced seafood offers one of the cheapest yet most satisfying holidays in India with a lot to discover and embrace it's beauty.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: June- March
Stay cost: INR 300- INR 900 per night per person
Chennai to Alleppey train charge: INR 400 for one side
Food: delicious street food starts from INR 200

2. Goa

Situated along the long coastlines stretching across the Arabian Sea, Goa offers a great stay to beach lovers and backapckers. Apart from its popularity of beaches and tremendous seafood, Goa doesn't fails to embark it's culture and tradition in out heart and soul with its mesmerising churches and Portuguese Culture making it all time favorite for the youngsters across India as well as foreign states.

Ideal duration to stay: 1- 2 days
Best time to visit: mid nov- mid feb
Stay: INR 600-INR 700 per night
Mumbai to Madgaon train charge: approx INR 350 - 400
You can also hier your own scooter in goa at just Rs 200 per day to explore the city on your own.
Food: INR 200-400 per meal.

3. Kodaikanal

A hill town in southern India with forested valleys, beautiful hills and mesmerising waterfalls makes it one of the best destination to tick off your bucket list this summer.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: oct- march
Stay: INR 200 per night
Food: starting from Rs 20 for fried chicken to 400 for a meal.
Chennai to kodaikanal train charge: INR 250- 300

4. McLeod ganj

A mini Tibet situated among the hills of Dharamshala is ideal location to visit monastaries, temples, valleys and magical hills. McLeod ganj makes an ideal location for trek lovers looking for some adventurous trip with minimal budget.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: monsoon season
Stay: INR 150-400 Per night
Food: INR 100-200 for mouth watering chinese and Tibetan cuisine.
Delhi to McLeod ganj: INR 500 for one side

5. Pondicherry

A French colonial settlement in the eastern seaboard of India attracts thousands of tourist every year to taste the French essence in India itself without spending much. Pondicherry never fails to amaze us with its beautiful culture and mouth watering cuisines with the perfect beaches to look around.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: oct-march
Stay: INR 300-600 per night or you can stay for free at ashram.
Food: starts form INR 200
Chennai to Pondicherry by bus: INR 150-200 for one side.

6. Darjeeling

The scenic beauty of long stretching green tea cultivations with magnificent hills and mountains on the background makes Darjeeling one of the most visited hill station in India. The mesmerising sunrise at the tiger hills and the mountain peak of Kanchenjunga is just breathtaking which will take all your stress away.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: feb- march and sept-nov
Stay: INR 750 per night for twin sharing.
Food: INR 150-200 Per person
Kolkata to siliguri to Darjeeling: INR 500 for both side by bus
Toy train hoti Darjeeling from NJP - INR 250

7. Kasol

Kasol, a beautiful state place situated in Himachal pradesh is one of the favorite bucket list destination for camping at cheap cost. The cost of living in camp here is very low with a lifetime of memory and adventure to take away with you. You can everything you need here at very cheap rates.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: oct- June
Stay: sharing tents for INR 350- 400
Food: INR 350 Per meal.

8. Jaipur

The pink city and capital of Rajasthan famous for golden triangle tour. Jaipur attracts lots of foreign tourists every year due to its rich culture and glorious Indian heritage. The beautiful markets and the tourist spots in jaipur makes it an ideal location to take out few days off your busy schedule and refresh your soul.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: Nov- feb
Stay: INR 500- 1000 Per night
Food: INR 150 per meal
Delhi to jaipur train: INR 240 for one side

9. Ooty

The best hill station of south India provides one of the cheapest hill station trip among other hill stations in India in the midst of beautiful Rose garden, verdant hills, tea plantations and with chocolate on sale all year long!!!!

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: april- June
Stay: INR 300
Food: cheap as INR 50 per person for per meal.
Chennai to ooty by bus: INR 650-700

10. Udaipur

Udaipur, famous for its tremendous and magnificent location for destination weddings with its exotic view of lakes, palaces, vintage car museums and mouth watering Rajasthani cuisine. Rich in Indian heritage and culture makes udaipur one of the must visitable place in Indian once in a lifetime.

Ideal duration to stay: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: sept-march
Stay: starts at INR 400 per night
Food: street food starting with Rs 50
Delhi to udaipur by bus- INR 600

Apart from these locations there are many other beautiful locations in India to fulfill your dream vacation in minimum budget. At last, follow your heart and soul and believe an old saying " Travel as much as you can because money can return but time won't"

Happy holidays!!!!!!!!