Prejudice- A Disease Of The Society

Riya Baranwal
Jun 25, 2019   •  5 views

Prejudice a disease of the society persisting from age to age. Prejudice derived from Latin word "Praejudicium", from prae 'in advance' + judicium 'judgement'. According to Sherif (1969)," Group prejudice refers to unfavorable attitudes held by the members derived from their group's norms that regulate treatment of the out group ".

Prejudice develope from the environment we live in. Isn't it we are always being prejudgemental regarding someone. Initially we see that small children do not have any feelings of discrimination. Small boys & girls student of upper class and lower, but they gradually develop to learn discriminate from their environment. Prejudice is said to be a disease because it creates misconception and misunderstanding between two people and society which is likely to be a vital disease. Environment adversely affect the development of prejudice. When poor and uneducated people lives in a small, dirty and clumsy place, higher or richer group of people develop strong prejudice towards poor.


Prejudice is of different types divided in social, economical, political, racial, caste and gender. But gender prejudice is what must be given more attention because it is mostly seen in the minds of people. According to census data female constitutes about 50% of population in world. Man and woman both live together in this world and they have intimate relationships and feelings for each other, now what is intimate relationship people usually here gets misconcept with the word 'intimate' it simply means close relationship with your closed one. Close ones can be husband and wife, brother and sister, mother and son. Prejudice started from historical era to modern era it's continuing females have been treated with prejudice, bias and discrimination. In spite of all around development of world females are not given chance to take part in political affairs. Females are seen as weak part of society. They have been excluded from the jobs, training and social organization due to the overt discrimination due to a lot of negative attitude, beliefs and stereotypes.


In India,research on prejudice is of special significance because of various castes, creed, community and religion in Indian society. In India mostly there is a discriminations between two different caste people or group. There is a prejudice regarding inter religion. This is obvious from the Hindu-Muslim conflicts,riots,Christian and non-christian feeling, lower and higher caste feelings. Prejudice grows in the weaker and disadvantaged section of the society. Prejudice is a disease of society and is like a centipedes which is eating the brain of people and society, making them discriminate towards others. Prejudice need to be stopped before having a mind set regarding someone first try to understand and know others. Always try to understand and grow attitude only if you have known them personally not by hearing from society.