You all must have thought once
'Why do we dream?'
'Dreams' are basically the characters, images and stories that our mind creates while we are asleep.

They are the mysteries which everyone wants to have a key through, one of the fascinating things we can't get rid off.

Sometimes they are the results of our subconsciousness and many times they all are meaningless and bizarre.

But what I wonder is the fact that - What is actually the meaning of our dreams and why do we dream?

Why at night we get up with that increased heartbeat making us think where we are?
Why these nightmares scare us so much?
Answers to these questions are unknown till now and controlling nightmares has remained largely unapproachable. For many people nightmares are not really a big a deal, but some do wake you up more than they would like to therefore here I share some ways of preventing and reducing their severity.

1. Go for good sleep hygiene

By sleep hygiene, I mean about having an ideal sleep environment.

You should have a proper sleep space. Ideally, bedrooms should be cool, dark and quiet with temperatures ranging from 60 to 70. Always turn off sources like TVs and alarm clocks. Earplugs can be really helpful for dimming out any bothering noise.

2. Write it out or share it with someone

You should talk about your dreams and get some social support which is the key to reducing anxiety and scary nightmares. You can talk it out with a therapist, or discuss them with a partner.

If you wake up shaken from a nightmare and can’t get back to sleep right away, it could be helpful to get out of bed and write the dream down, and can even change its course.

3. Deal with stress

If you are too much stressed then it could be the reason behind such bad dreams.

Therefore go for some stress busters before sleeping like listening to light music, playing video games or talking with a friend. All of these will always help you out to get rid of that heavy stressful thing clinging on your chest.