Remember Us Till We Meet Again!

Ritu Singh
Jun 24, 2019   •  37 views

She never thought that life would abruptly take an unpredictable twist in her life and leave her crippled inwardly. She had a peaceful life- a life where she had paperweight contemplations, laughed freely, thought about petty issues; however, at this point it was everything to a promise made by someone she addressed as “Snippy”!

They met for the first time at the countryside music shop; no words said by either of them just some reluctant bold stares across the CD racks! She never confronted the incoherent thoughts spouting through the veins-but that day she couldn’t figure out the sudden vibe that made her drastically easy with that stranger! He approaches her at the reception with probably the same baffled notions running into his mind and managed to utter, “Hi there, where would I be able to find the latest jazz music collection?” Hiding her very obvious nervousness for the stranger standing in front of him, she signals him to follow her to the shelf no. 13, “It’s here, by the way, you’re lucky that you visited the store today because this is the last album that we had and it’s out of stock everywhere else across the city”. He just gave preference to jazz any day without secondary thoughts, after all jazz was the only thing that comforted him while he spent his 6 years at the military camp. He was a Sniper by profession; life moulded him to a ‘heartless being’ and he surrendered himself to it effortlessly! But that day, he was clueless and a completely opposite person. Shaking himself from the gaze, he simply blabbered to her, “I live nearby and came to town after years. I am serving into military and it’s my vacation time for one month. Do you wish to join me for a drink tonight? Pardon me but it’s just that I am keen on to know you. Jesus! I am blurting out things that a refined man should never say; forgive me for the abrupt conversation, I’ll just leave. Bye!” She was perplexed at this time but said “Excuse me, I am available after 20h and I know a good eat-out place too. We can see us there!”

This was where the journey sought its beginning- they started meeting, talking, and texting whole day with grins spread on the faces. They found harmony into each other as if something incomplete was gaining a full period! Sadly, time envied their togetherness, converted seconds to days and weeks. All they could hope was wish for the time to pause! It became routine for her to see him every night. They often sat under the tree, gazing at the stars and getting sometimes into spiritual talks, sometimes extreme illogical conversations and sometimes just stared at the moon discreetly. None of them wanted to spring up the ‘D-day’ talk which was about to approach in few days- the day when he will have to leave with a desire of returning to her.

He: It’s really serene to be like this, life is so beautiful this way.

She: Yes Snippy, but I am afraid that things won’t be same. You have to go back in few days precisely after tomorrow, yea?

He: I wish I had the control to deny the fact but unfortunately, it’s yes. However, one thing I want to confront is that I will remember you each moment and will come back to you soon to stay forever!

She: Amen! I know it will happen. I am not stressed over it, just a matter of few more time. But until then I will deeply miss you.

He: Me too, actually I won’t (hiding the pain in his eyes) because I have a therapy to it.

She: Come on! What kind of therapy Snippy? (Voice more strong hoping to hear something from him to mitigate her agony)

He: I have ‘you’ embedded in my psyche; whenever I want you to be with me I will just ‘remember us’. And in case you miss me, point your thumb at the moon with one eye closed and feel me do likewise. We might be far away from each other however this ‘looking-at-the-moon-together’ will keep us close forever. I pledge to come back, just wait for me!

The dreadful undesirable day came and he entered the airport where he found the way to get in but left a supreme part of him with her. He waved at her saying she’s going to see him soon! But somewhere his heart clutched deep for some obscure reason; he never felt so empty, never before! But all he could do that time was to sprinkle the smile and say “Remember us till we meet again!”

It’s been 5 years now and she still sits under the same tree at least a week with the thumb pointed at the moon; constantly echo tells her not to lose hope, whispering that he will return to her one day. She still has her mind gridlocked with that one month spent with a “Snippy”!