Let me introduce you to more artists who deserve your attention.

1.No Rome

A truley global young talent, No Rome who was born and raised in Manila, where a unique , rapidly changing culture landscape spurred his desire to break out and make music. I really like how he plays with beats and produce amazing songs. His songs are lo-fi ,airy neat beats with smooth drums and guitars. All of his songs and even his album art have a great aesthetic feel to them.

He has collaborated with The 1975 and now has a future collaboration with Lauv ( my favourite, check out the last underrated artist article) .He has only one album out , so i suggest you check that out and I promise that he is gonna shine and you would already know him ;) , you're Welcome.

Some of his tracks

  • Narcissist ( feat. The 1975)

  • Pink

  • All Up In My Head

  • Cashmoney


Labrinth produces secular music which includes hip-hop, pop and also dance music. He has adept at working in vintage soul as the forward looking hip-hop and showcased a ballad with a more tender side to his vocal skills. He is preparing the follow up to Electronic Earth which his debut album. He has also recently produced a soundtrack for HBO's Euphoria which is quite the buzz. He is like John Legend but cooler. He is way too underrated. give him a change , I am sure he wont disappoint you.

Some of his Tracks

  • Jealous

  • Let it Be

  • Still Dont Know My Name

  • All Of Us

3.Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has redefined R&B music , he has done nothing but pushed the genre further with imagininatevly detailed narratives in which he has alternated between yearing romantic and easy going braggart. He is a Grammy winner and a performer. His songs are very personal and tell a story in the most poetic way possible. He is a little mainstream artist but he is still a hidden gem. I cant get enough of him he is so so so good. He is the artist who you listen to at 3 AM and you feel a certain way which worlds cannot describe but that feeling is extraordinary.

Some of his Tracks

  • Nights

  • Pink+ White

  • Wither

  • Thinkin Bout You


They are like Lauv + The 1975 clubbed together.A band born out of the internet, LANY are a making hazy, R&B-influenced radio pop that, simply put, is just a pleasure to listen to. They are always on the tour bus.

They have a tightly managed aesthetic that’s consistent across all of their social media, and which carries through to the music videos and how they present themselves on stage. They make pop music for people who does not listen to pop music.

Some of their Tracks

  • Thick and Thin

  • Malibu Nights

  • Thru These Tears

  • I Dont Wanna Love You Anymore