Yuvraj Singh Retires : An End Of An Era Indeed.

Rishika Shetty
Jun 13, 2019   •  28 views

Yuvraj Singh, announced his retiremnet from international cricket on 10th June,2019, it turned down to be appalling to us as we some of us didn't see this coming. YUVRAJ SINGH, a true warrior indeed! He battled not only on field but off field as well due to his poor health conditions. Going back to the 2011 World Cup, our man of the series Yuvraj Singh was defintely an hero and a stunner not only in the final match of India Vs Srilanka but also through out the tournment! But an outrageous news that came up after worlcup was that Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with cancer. More shockingly it was on the day before the WorldCup Finals when he had vomitted blood which had indicated his cancer but knowing this fact he still decided to play the worldcup final for his country. His words " EVEN IF I DIE THE NEXT DAY, IT DOESN'T MATTER, I JUST WANT TO PLAY TILL THE LAST OVER" defintitely hits us hard with emotions!

Moving back to 2007, the time he had smashed those 6 sixes in an over against England in a T20 match was an absolute class and an unforegetabble memory of all time for we Indian cricket fans! But later, after his recovery from cancer when he had a comeback in cricket, Yuvraj Singh ended up being one of our unsung heroes, people started acknowleding him lesser and his inclusion into the Indian Squad also came into a downfall, its strange but true! Be it changing of 5 different franchises in IPL or non inlcusion of him in the squads, Yuvraj Singh saw a complete different cricketing affair in his later half. It was definetly saddeing to watch him sit in the dugout watching the match and not seeing him play though he was a part of the team.

Though, Yuvraj's life had major ups and downs, his achievemnts were uncounatable! Few of Yuraj Singh's amazing achiements are

  1. He holds the record of fastest T20 50, by scoring 50 in just 12 balls at a match against England in 2007

  2. Holds the record of smashing 6 sixes in an over

  3. Man of the Tournment in the ICC WorldCup,2011.

  4. Was Honoured with Arjuna Award in 2012 by the President of India.

  5. Was Honoured With Padma Shri Award in 2014.

  6. Again in 2014, he was awarded with FICCI Most Inspiring Sportsmen Of the Year.

Nevertheless, a true warrior, fighter and an inspiriation for many, our unsung hero Yuvraj Singh will definitely be missed to be watched out on the field. But all we can do is, You and We can wish the best post retirement life for our YUVI!