Youtube, Our Very Own Source Of Entertainment And Income.

Rishika Shetty
May 27, 2019   •  12 views

If the other apps on your phone bore you, Youtube is an app which would surely ome to your rescue with its never ending and dynamic content. Yes, people would prefer the new sources of entertainmnet like Netflix & Amazon! But we all know Youtube our very first source for the same has got it all like A to Z of the contents be it Cooking Recipes, Art & Crafts, Songs, Trailers, Stand up Comedy, Pranks, Travel Vlogs and what not! In just a click we get the visual clips of what we want!

But this source of entertainment has actually turned into a source of income in todays world. Its magnificant to see a social media platform like youtube turn into a profession for the people irrespective of their ages and genders and they term them as Youtubers! Be it a teenager or a middle aged man or a woman everyone got their space here. Its super delightful to see women who are home makers turning into youtubers and using the platform like youtube for sharing their ideas be it through their art and ctafts, cooking recipes, cosmetic reviewing, home made remedies or hacks and what not! (Though there is a proper procedure to be followed to earn money through Youtube)

What not you don't get in Youtube, everything is there handy on your phone when you search for a video content on a particular topic. Back then, Youtube had this problem of buffering when playe dan vidoes, but now with the internet speed, Youtube has also evolved over the period providing us free, high defination, withouth bufferings! Like our most used Google as a search engine for written content, Youtube is one of them for the videos! And its also good to see people considering Youtube as their profession and earning handsome descent amount of money from here.

For sure this won't come easy, there is an equal amount of hardwork and efforts to be put up even though its just a youtube video. Youtube is just not about making money but also about fame and national and international success and acclaims. Indian Youtubers like BB Ki Vines & Ashish Chanchlani recently got international acclaimed at Cannes as they received Global Entertainer of the Year and Best Comedy Influencer respectively, defineley a proud moment for we Indians!

These are a few Indian Youtube Channels to be watched out for their amazing contents

  1. BB Ki Vines

  2. Ashish Chanclani

  3. Harsh Beniwal

  4. Amit Bhadana

  5. Lily Singh

  6. Technical Guruji ( For some Technical Knowledge & Info )

  7. Carry Minati

  8. Nisha Madhulika ( For some Cookery content)

  9. Zakir Khan

  10. Sandeep Maheshwari

So, why not we all too grab this oppurtunity of considering Youtube as a pltaform to show case our extra ordinary skills and talents and become the next big thing!



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