iPhones, basically the phones of the Apple Company, have a complete different class and luxury standards as compared to the other android phones. It’s an inbuilt feeling or a thought in everyone of us that iPhones are classy and their features are way too amazing be it their camera or their inbuilt space. Seeing the Apple Logo cutout behind a person’s phone potentially gives us a classy vibe for that person just because for that fact that he/she owns an iPhone nothing more! Not only we who see but the people who use are also bound to flaunt their iPhones be it flaunting their Apple Logo of their phones in the public or flaunting it through mirror selfies.

But at times, iPhones are also critically judged for their batteries and charging abilities stating that they don’t last longer as compared to the androids. But one demerit won’t get this brand slide down in the market. Instead of such demerits, iPhone buyers are still motivated to stick to this brand and they don’t think of changing over their choices which is a boon for this company! iPhones are not just a laymen’s phone, it’s a phone used by professionals at various levels which gives it a standard of another level!

But just having an iPhone is not done, people may judge you from the iPhone model you use. If you are using an iPhone 5 or 6 model you are assumed to be an average classy person and if you are using iPhone 7 or 10 (X) your class goes way too up! It doesn’t end with this, even the the colour of your iPhone like Grey, Silver, Gold can come into considerations while judging your phone standards! It’s funny how people judge you by your phone, whereas there was a time when people judged eachother through their income levels but now their income levels are judged by the phones they use!

Some Salient Features of iPhone that helps it to standout in front of the other android phones are

  • Though iPhones are a bit heavy priced they give equal value of luxury, standards and excellence.

  • The recently launched iPhone X’s camera’s picture quality is as good as DSLR camera’s quality.

  • The payments are secured.

  • Some of the super amazing apps first get launched on the Apple’s AppStore and then on the Android’s PlayStore as the app launchers prefer launching it there initially for their higher standards.

  • It’s faster than the androids.

Though there are more competition for apple iPhones coming up in the market like One Plus for example, the Aura of iPhones still are show stealers and will always be!



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