Top Indian Tv Shows That We Miss Watching.

Rishika Shetty
Jun 04, 2019   •  16 views

The period towards the end of the 90s and the early 2000’s was an era of really super cool TV programs which we definitely miss watching now! Our coming home after school plans were already fixed, because who didn’t like to spare their times and not watch those TV Shows. A generation where we didn’t have much content or sources like YouTube to watch stuff unlike this generation, TV was our only source of entertainment on which we were fully depended on our recreation and why not because we had amazing TV programs aired on the channels! Few of them are as follows:

1.Shakalaka Boom Boom

Who didn’t want his magical pencil! This Tv Show definitely made us wonder with their phenomenial magical drama. Every kid ever during that time cribbed for the magical pencil as they thought the pencil would do wonders to their life!

2.Son Pari

Fantasy, adventure and what not! After this show we all definitely wanted a fairy by our side, isn’t it? Frooty, was way lucky to have a fairy by her side and get the things right!


A magical family indeed! Magic and supernatural powers was also what we needed after watching this show. All the characters from A to Z were entertaining in this show. We surely miss watching this show now!

4.Karishma Kaa Karishma

A kid with an inbuilt robot was definitely a delight to watch at that time! Who didn’t wanted to get themselves as a robot and make their lives sparkle like Karishma did in this show!


A completely different show with a prince with supernatural powers in various unknown lands was our favourite! Though as kids we didn’t get much of it’s by mysterious and supernatural drama but we still enjoyed watching them though!


An Indian superhero show “Shaktiman” where he had various superpowers was super entertaining and captivating to watch! Though we have superman and batman on our superhero list, our childhood times had this one too!


While recalling Indian Horror Shows, Aahat definitely strikes our mind. Friday nights were epic horror nights when this show used to telecasted! Most probably the very first horror television series we ever watched as children was this!

8.Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Though this was a typical saas bahu type of daily soap, but still holds strong in our memory lane! We do recall it easily when someone plays the theme song of this!

9.Sarah Bhai Vs Sarah Bhai

A complete comedy package of fun and conflicts in the Sarabhai family was way too comical! Though they got their 2nd season too, the first season is very special to us at the same place as firsts are special!


An Insane Gujurati Family, with every member with a diffrent insane mentality surely made us laugh like a drain! Not Foregetting the Epic Dilogues of HansaBen!

These were the TV serials we all would miss watchinh now, though there was not much diversity and variety, we had the best ones though, as compared to the scenario of the tv serials right now!